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Write A BookCase Study #1: Madison Jones (Fiction Writer)

Madison is an accomplished Hollywood film and television producer and co-owner of de Passe Jones Entertainment. While he’s had a great deal of experience with film and television, the publishing world was unfamiliar territory. When he contacted me, he was in the beginning stages of turning a television show into a book and reached out to me for help with structuring and critiquing his manuscript.

Here is what Madison had to say about my program:

“I enjoyed my interaction with Stefanie and found her to be attentive and professional. She really got me started in the right direction! She dots all the “I’s” and crosses all the “T’s” for sure!”

how to write a bookCase Study #2: Larry Griffin Jr. (also known professionally as S1) (Non-Fiction Writer)

Larry is a two time Grammy award winning music producer who’s produced for such artists as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce and more. When S1 contacted me, he was in the last stages of writing his memoir and wanted feedback on how he could make improvements to what he’d written.

Here is what Larry had to say about my coaching:

“Stefanie was amazing!  She assisted me through the process of completing my book and gave me a whole new perspective on the art of writing.”

How To Become A MillionaireCase Study #3: Dr. Paul Alleyne (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Dr. Alleyne came to me he was just one month out from publishing his first book and had done pretty much all the footwork as it relates to the marketing of his book. After finding my videos on YouTube, he contacted me in hopes of doing a book marketing consultation.

Here is what Dr. Alleyne had to say about my coaching:

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my 1 hour consultation with Stefanie. My book was done and print on-demand ready to go on sale next month. My social media sites were also done and up and running. As a first time author, I thought I had all my bases covered. However after my consultation with Stefanie, I was made aware of key strategic gaps in my marketing strategy. Stefanie is a consummate professional. She gives advice and recommendations with confidence, clarity, and passion. This is only possible because she’s already traveled down the path (several times) that I am just now attempting to traverse. If you need help getting your book off the ground, over the finish line, or in your target audience’s hands, she is definitely worth contacting. Thank you Stefanie!”


Write A BookCase Study #4: Bernice Harris (Non-Fiction Writer)

Bernice was 72 years old when she came up with the idea for her book. When she came to me, she’d wanted to write since she was a child, but hadn’t done so because of other people’s discouraging words. I encouraged Bernice to go after her dream, despite her age, and as a result she has sold loads of books and been featured on television, radio, and magazines.

Here is what Bernice had to say about my program:

“Stefanie was essential in helping me to reach a dream that was over 50 years old, a dream that had been weakened by discouragement. She assisted me in bringing life to my dream and helped me to become an author (and not just any author), a successful one! She walked me through every step of the process and on the days when I felt like giving up, she was there to encourage me to bring my goal to fruition. So now, along with Stefanie I’m working on my second book and this time I’m venturing into the world of fiction.”

naturalhaircare-frontcover-2Case Study #5: Meloney Washington (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Meloney came to me she was looking for a way to grow her coaching business. She’d heard that writing a book was a great way to attract new clients and establish herself as an expert within her industry. Meloney had a lot of great ideas and together we worked to not only get her book complete but to structure her business in a way that would set her up for success.

Here is what Meloney had to say about my program:

“Writing a book was the most exciting thing I have ever done. I was working with another coach who I didn’t feel like understood my vision. Just when I was about to throw my hands up and let it all go, I found Stefanie. Not only did she pick up what I was attempting to do, but she offered the most amazing advice and ideas to make my project even more awesome! I wrote a book and I was totally clueless about what to do with it. I have learned everything from utilizing beta readers to how to properly SEO my website, marketing and much much more. My newfound friend has taught me so much about book writing. I am so grateful for her and I look forward to working side by side with her again on my next project.”

testimonialsCase Study #6: Mike Hohlweg (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Mike came to me, he’d already had a very successful business and books, but was looking for more visibility for his books on Amazon. I performed my Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service for Mike and his book began to get more visibility and sales.

Here is what Mike had to say about my program:

“Stefanie is a joy to work with. She was very eager to help improve our sales and ranking…and not just put in hours. She is very results oriented which as an employer is the way we think as well. Stefanie treated us like our website and books were hers and she was determined to help us succeed to a new level. The results have just started to trickle in but it is already encouraging even at this point. We were so impressed with her ambition, knowledge, skill, and work ethic that we have started consulting with her and just hired her again for a new project. I will say that although we have spent many thousands, searching for the right persons in several different niche skills, we have found our book, Amazon, SEO person for good. She is an exceptional communicator. Stefanie is as good as it gets. I do not hesitate to to discuss a person’s weak points, but honestly we don’t see any in Stefanie. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Case Study #7: Sheila Capers (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Sheila came to me she’d just experienced a family tragedy that attracted national media coverage. While writing a book had always been a passion, having such a public tragedy affect her family, awakened her dream and she was encouraged to share her story (and now)!

Here is what Sheila had to say about my program:

“Stefanie Newell is a pleasure to work with. I have wanted to become an author for many years. I had started several novels but I never finished any of them. I lacked confidence and felt like no one would want to hear what I have to say. After experiencing a tragedy in my family, I felt like I had to write some things down in order to heal. One day I came across Stefanie’s channel on YouTube. I enjoyed her tips so much that I subscribed to her channel and her newsletter. One day when reading her newsletter, I read that she was offering a free strategy session. After debating with myself for a few days, I decided to send her an email. I thought to myself, what harm could it do? She was easy to talk to and a great listener. I came out of that conversation feeling that I do have something to offer. At the very least, if I only write one book, I will have accomplished a lifelong goal. I hired her for 4 sessions and now I’m on my way to becoming a published author. Thanks Stefanie!”

Case Study #8: Suzanne B. (Fiction Writer)

When Suzanne came to me she was in the very beginning stages of writing a book. Here is what Suzanne had to say about my program:

“The session was excellent. I will follow your advice and counsel. Thanks much.”


Case Study #9: Clinton McCoy (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Clinton came to me he had already laid the ground work for what would be the first draft of his manuscript. Here is what Clinton had to say about my program:

“Stefanie Newell at Write One Publications, Inc. your manuscript critique gave me guidance and pushed me in the right direction. You helped me to clear up a lot of fuzzy and unclear thought patterns in my book.”

Case Study #10: Miguel A. Wilder (Fiction Writer)

When Miguel came to me, he already had the fundamentals of writing down pat. He was just in need of some encouragement and guidance as he’d never written a book before. Here is what Miguel had to say about my program:

“I had the great pleasure of having Stefanie do a manuscript critique for my novel, and it was invaluable. She caused me to ask myself questions I never would have otherwise. She pushed me to not only do better, but also to be better. She is an excellent writing coach, and has really been instrumental in guiding my steps in the right direction.”

Case Study #11: Gene J. (Fiction Writer)

After finding my videos on Youtube, here is what Gene had to say about my program:

“Authors should listen to what this expert has to say and subscribe. I have followed her advice and sold more eBooks than I had expected to with my last release. I even received 4 and 5 star reviews. Now I am releasing my next eBook and am incorporating the same advice I did before along with new advice she has given since then.”

Case Study #12: Mona S. (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Mona came to me, she’d been contemplating writing a spiritual book for many years. She’d kept putting it off, but her heart wouldn’t allow her to do that anymore. Here is what Mona had to say after completing the Plan Your Book coaching program:

What comes to mind is ‘stir up the gift that is within you.’ That is what Stefanie Newell pulled out of me.  I am now confident and excited about writing.  I highly recommend her.  What you see in her videos is what you get and then some…


Write A BookCase Study #13: Wallace Rushing (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Wallace came to me he’d completed his manuscript and was using a vanity publisher to publish his first book. However, they weren’t guiding him on the most important components of writing a successful book. So after many months of setbacks and mistakes that cost him thousands of dollars, he reached out to me and together we were able to get him on the right track.

Here is what Wallace had to say about my program:

“I would like to give a personal thanks to Stefanie for the exceptional professionalism and first rate service Write One Publications continues to provide. I would encourage anyone whether it’s their first time writing or looking to publish, or even looking to sharpen their skills, to seek Stefanie’s services. I look forward to working with her on all of my writing projects.”

Case Study #14: Jay Jones (Fiction Writer)

Here is what Jay had to say about my program:

“Stefanie is a detailed, convincing book writing coach. She pulled things out of me as a writer that I didn’t know were there. She has a mastery of the written word but allows development and natural progression to happen without bombarding you with her viewpoint on your story. She is very responsive and once payment is made to her, she gets your critique done in the timeline she promised. Stefanie is a woman of her word and an excellent professional. Connect and support Stefanie! Tell her Jay sent you!!”

Case Study #15: Nikki J. (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Nikky came to me she’d already had a successful blog and was looking to extend her brand by writing a book. After successfully going through my program, I helped her to bring the vision for her book to life. Within the first week of publishing, she hit #1 within her genre!

Here is what Nikky had to say about my program:

“Stefanie and her team proved their worth! I wanted to write and publish my book on my own, but after exhaustive research I realized I needed a professional…that’s where Write One Publications came in. They were extremely professional, efficient, and excellent in every step of the process. The whole team kept me updated and educated me regarding everything I needed to know when it comes to writing and publishing a successful book. I will be using them in the future and I highly recommend Stefanie and her team to anyone sitting on the fence about getting that first book done! Thank you for walking step-by-step with me in the writing journey. My life has changed significantly. I am now excited to continue this new path and I plan on making it a full-time lifestyle.”

Case Study #16: Sharon Beason (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Sharon came to me she had a thriving business (Womeneur) that empowered women. She also had a large and very loyal social media following.  Her fast growing brand had gotten her numerous speaking engagements and a book was the next logical step in expanding her brand. After finding me on Instagram, she contacted me. I worked with Sharon from the beginning stages of writing to the final stage of publishing her first book. Sharon’s book hit #1 within her genre on the day it was released!

Here is what Sharon had to say about my coaching:

“Hiring Stefanie as my book coach has been one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made as a business owner.  During this tumultuous, albeit rewarding journey, Stefanie’s professionalism, patience, responsiveness, understanding, mentoring, expertise and knowledge remains unmatched and I definitely look forward to working with her again. Thank you Stefanie. Outstanding!!”

Case Study #17: Scarlet Murdock (Fiction Writer)

When Scarlet came to me she had no shortage of ideas, but didn’t know how to take all of those ideas and turn them into the young adult book she’d been dreaming of publishing!

Here is what Scarlet had to say about my coaching:

“Being the first time working with a writing coach, I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect. However, after watching Stefanie’s YouTube videos, I was put a bit at ease and even more so when I began working with her. While I was just putting words on paper, Stefanie showed me how to bring my words and characters to life. She introduced me to concepts that I never knew about and steered me in the direction of how to successfully complete my book. Although it seemed as if our sessions flew by, I feel like I gained a lot of information and I’m now ready to begin writing my best seller.”

Case Study #18: J.L. Jones (Fiction Writer)

When J.L. came to me she had no shortage of ideas or ambition. She’d written over ten thousand words but wanted to know how to improve her manuscript and to increase her word count. J. L. successfully completed the first draft of her manuscript within 9 weeks of our first coaching session.

Here is what J.L. had to say about my coaching:

“I am a new and up coming author. I want to express the joy that I have in working with my writing coach Stefanie Newell. I saw her for the first time on YouTube and I was hooked with how clear and precise she is in helping beginning authors. Her teaching skills are impeccable and without her and her flawless guidance, I would have been lost. Stefanie shows authorship that I have never seen before and she is making my journey of being an author that much more enjoyable. Your are truly my mentor and I appreciate you more then you know.  Continue to keep up the great work. Thank You Stefanie! “


Case Study #19: Erica Williams (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Erica came to me she had a desire to publish a memoir detailing her experiences with domestic violence.

Here is what Erica had to say about my coaching:

“Prior to having our first session, I was nervous and unsure that I had what it took to write this book. Stefanie, with patience and knowledge brought out things in myself that I did not even know were there. I had an epiphany during each session we had. She helped me to refocus the purpose and the very reason behind why I ever dreamed of writing my memoir. I thank you Stefanie for the comfort I felt during our sessions and extreme patience that led me to gaining more confidence. I will use everything I’ve learned from you. I’m so excited for our future sessions together. You’re highly recommended. Definitely worth the investment. You will not be disappointed. Guaranteed satisfaction.”

Case Study #20: Sonora Reyes (Fiction Writer)

When Sonora came to me she’d started writing her book, but was unclear if she was going in the right direction with the development of her characters and plot.

Here is what Sonora had to say about my coaching:

“Stefanie was very helpful and encouraging. She makes writing a book feel a lot less scary!”

Case Study #21: Mary Riitho (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Mary came to me she’d completed her first draft, but wanted clarity on how she could further improve her Christian based book on mentoring and whether or not she was ready to edit and publish.

Here is what Mary had to say about her manuscript critique:

“I came across Stefanie on her YouTube channel after getting great tips from there on writing I decided to contact her for further guidance in writing my first book. I got started with the free 30 minute consultation that she offers, an excellent opportunity where I learnt what I needed to do first. It was only my first draft and being a first-time writer I thought I could go into editing and publishing. Stefanie advised me on the steps that I needed to accomplish before going into editing and publishing. We decided to start with a manuscript critique. It’s an essential first step as a writer because it gave me (the writer) ideas and areas that I can improve my manuscript. She gave me great feedback on my manuscript that I know will improve my book. Stefanie is looking to help above all else, she worked with me and offered services that were within my limited budget and I am so grateful. I know I am on the right track with my book because of working with Stefanie and I have my to go to person for all my writing projects and even much more. Thank you Stefanie.”

Case Study #22: April Adkins (Fiction Writer)

When April reached out to me she was interested in writing a book with a teen character for an adult audience.

Here is what April had to say about the Plan Your Book coaching package:

“Before working with Stefanie,  I was uncertain about how to get started with writing a book.  I researched a few writing tips on Google, but desired interaction with an experienced writing coach.  Stefanie’s impressive YouTube videos sparked my interest in contacting her for a consultation. Stefanie was kind, professional, and straight to the point when it came to writing a book. I feel prepared and eager to complete my first novel thanks to Stefanie’s coaching.  She gives great knowledgeable advice and recommendations that is definitely beneficial to my writing process. As a newbie writer, I have so much respect for Stefanie. I’m forever grateful for her time, dedication, and feedback that has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become a first-time published writer. Thank you Stefanie!”

Case Study #23: James Hill (Non-Fiction Writer)

When James came to me it was our second time crossing paths as he’d reached out to me a year prior but wasn’t quite sure he was ready to hire a coach. In the year following, his business and speaking engagements had grown and he decided that he wanted to be purposeful on his writing journey and reached out to me again.

Here is what James had to say about my coaching program:

“I have been trying to write a book for three years now. I always started and stopped because I had an idea with no strategy or plan. Working with Stefanie Newell as my writing coach was the best decision I have made to accomplish my goal of becoming a published author. I have a clear understanding of my target audience and a strategy that has given me the confidence to complete my book. I never thought of hiring a writing coach because I didn’t understand their role in the writing process; now, I can’t see myself writing another book without hiring Stefanie as my writing coach. I should have hired Stefanie years ago, but better now than never.”

Case Study #24: Ahmed Mohammed (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Ahmed reached out to me, he was eager to write a memoir which highlighted his experience of migrating from Somalia to the United States. He wanted to write a book that will help his family (as well as others) to understand his experiences with civil unrest and genocide:

Here is what Ahmed had to say about the Plan Your Book coaching package:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Newell. Thank you for giving me great advice and great tips about writing. I never knew how to prepare for such a hard task. With your easy to follow strategies, I have gained the confidence to write and research my book. I am grateful to you! You are a great coach, punctual and respectful all the time. Thank you for pushing me to not give up. I certainly recommend you to others who are struggling (like me) to get their book started. If there was a rating that went beyond 5 stars, you deserve 6 stars in my book. Thank you, Coach! I look forward to working with you on my other potential books.”

now than never.”

Case Study #25: James DeVriendt (Non-Fiction Writer)

When James reached out to me, he had built a solid career in sales and was working as a sales director in the healthcare field. James had been selling since he was a child and wanted to write a book for those aspiring to be in sales to share his unique philosophy and approach to being successful:

Here is what James had to say about the Plan Your Book coaching package:

“What Stefanie Newell did for me in five weeks, I couldn’t do on my own in two years. Stefanie’s engagement is different, yet exceptionally professional and she challenged me intellectually. She had me view my work three-dimensionally and look for areas of improvement or holes in my work.

While I worked one-on-one with Stefanie, she gave me “homework.” This homework helped me pull my ideas together in a seamless and logical order.

The reality is, I would have saved myself two years of headaches if I started with Stefanie. However, better late than never. After working with Stefanie, I have been able to write with more confidence and creativity. Thank you, Stefanie I wouldn’t be here without your guidance.”

Case Study #26: Monte Ellis (Fiction Writer)

When Monte reached out to me, he’d already had his poetry/fiction book edited, but wanted a manuscript critique to determine if there were areas that could be improved.

Here is what Monte had to say about his manuscript critique and coaching:

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to have Stefanie work with me on my first book. As a rookie, I learned so much watching her videos, it was only right that I get her to coach me through the process. I’ve used her Youtube videos and other resources offered on her website. They were key in helping me regroup after a couple of missteps. Stefanie was very professional, detailed, and effective. She is a wealth of knowledge and I can’t wait to utilize her services again!


Case Study #27: Sharon Carter (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Sharon reached out to me, she had questions she needed to be answered so that she could begin the writing process.

Here is what Sharon had to say after taking advantage of the 30-minute ‘Pick My Brain’ phone consultation:

“Stefanie is a wonderful Writing Coach!!! I appreciate how she took the time step by step of whatever I inquired during the preparation and planning of my book outline. I am looking forward to writing my first book! I  can tell she is passionate about what she does and that is what she wants from us to be “authors of our own books.” You would want someone like Stefanie that has the heart to see others succeed. Thank you, Stefanie! I look forward to working with you again.

Case Study #28: Alise Williams (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Alise reached out to me, she’d completed her book and was looking for ideas on how to market her book upon its release.

Here is what Alise had to say after her marketing consultation:

“Thank you so much for everything that you were able to help me with! I was able to learn so much about marketing, social media platforms, and using Amazon! I wish you nothing but the best in your future!

Case Study #29: Kendel Paulsen (Non-Fiction Writer)

When Kendel reached out to me, she’d completed the first draft of her manuscript and wanted feedback on how she could expand her word count.

Here is what Kendel had to say after her manuscript critique:

“I just wanted to follow up with you and say thank you. You really helped me understand genre and how to look at what I had created in a whole new light, allowing me to let go of what I thought was right and create what is better. I just really wanted to let you know how successful you were in helping me open up that thinking capability to see the possibilities more clearly.

Case Study #30: A. P. Stenstrom (Fiction Writer)

Avery is a 17-year-old young adult fantasy writer who’d been writing her book since she was 14 years old and wanted feedback on her most recent draft.

Here is what Avery had to say after her manuscript critique:

I have always been a storyteller. When I was young I would think up the craziest characters and stories to tell people. Thanks to a teacher at my old school who helped spark my interest in writing during my 4-5th grade years. I wrote Heart of the Beast when I was 14 in the 8th grade in my previous private school. Sadly that year was one of the worst years of my current youth. During that 8th grade year, I had little to no friends and the school was quickly losing control of the students. As a result of the little acquaintances I had and to the school falling into chaos, like students getting into fights and breaking property with little to no repercussions, I went into myself. Inside of my own mind, I was lonely and highly emotional. So as a way to clear my mind and free my emotions I began to write, and then it never stopped. Writing was the only thing I felt I had control over, so it became my way to escape from the school I was trapped in.

Thanks to Ms. Newell, she helped me feel calm and comfortable in the editor writing process. She has also helped me feel more confident about myself when it comes to my writing. She helps me be informed of things I should work on and make stronger. I highly recommend Ms. Newell if you too are a young author in need of an editor.



Case Study #31: Bridget Brooks-Mack (Non-Fiction Writer)

Bridget reached out to me after watching my videos on YouTube. A mom and caretaker, she had an incredible story to share and was ready to begin writing her memoir.

Here is what Bridget had to say about the Plan Your Book coaching package:

“I am so glad that I made the decision to hire Stefanie as my writing coach. During my strategy session, I realized how knowledgeable and relatable she was. Once the coaching sessions began, it was like talking to a friend each week. During my sessions, I learned how to properly research for my book, how to target my desired audience, how to hone in on my book ideas, and clarify my outline. Thanks to Stefanie, instead of just talking about my book, I am now writing my book.”

Case Study #32: Ebony L. Cole (Non-Fiction Writer)

Ebony reached out to me after watching my videos on YouTube. She was writing a memoir and needed direction to bring all of her great ideas to life.

Here is what Ebony had to say about the Plan Your Book coaching package:

“I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered Stefanie on the Internet. She has helped me navigate the process of penning my first novel and developing the skills to do it well. If your goal is to evolve as a writer, take advantage of Stefanie’s knowledge and guidance. She is a godsend!”

Case Study #33: Stephanie Franklin-Thompson (Fiction Writer)

Stephanie reached out to me after completing the first draft of her romance novel. She’d written as much as she could and wanted feedback on how to improve and expound upon what she’d written.

Here is what Stephanie had to say about her manuscript critique:

“I am so glad that I stepped out on faith and hired Stefanie as my writing coach. Her input and feedback were just what I needed to get excited about my memoir again. She provided useful tools that assisted with narrowing down my target audience. She asked many thought-provoking questions and shared the details and mechanics associated with memoir writing. I feel much more prepared and motivated to complete my project. Before I met Stefanie I felt stuck in my tracks. Now, I am sailing along and writing at a much faster pace with much more ease. I will be done with my manuscript in no time and I certainly plan on continuing my business relationship with Stefanie and hiring her to read my manuscript!”


Case Study #34: Timothy Lyn Ashcraft (Non-Fiction Writer)

Timothy reached out to me after completing the first draft of his non-fiction religious book about healing. Looking to traditionally publish, he wanted feedback on whether his book was ready to submit to literary agents and publishers.

Here is what Timothy had to say about his manuscript critique:

“Stefanie Newell is knowledgeable and professional. Her critique of my manuscript was essential to my development as a writer. Her guidance and attention to detail improved my book manuscript greatly. I now have much more confidence in submitting my written work.”

Case Study #35: Pavel Ythjall (Non-Fiction Writer)

Pavel reached out to me after completing the first draft of his memoir. He was ready to publish and wanted feedback on what he’d written thus far.

Here is what Pavel had to say about his manuscript critique:

“Stefanie made me a better author. She is very insightful and pragmatic, this is real world advice and help to get your book ready for publication.
I am amazed at the amount of work she puts into her evaluation and very grateful for her honesty and professionalism. I would recommend Stefanie
to everyone in need of guidance and help, just like I was.”

Case Study #36: Tracy B. (Non-Fiction Writer)

Tracy reached out to me after completing the first draft of her manuscript but still needed clarity on her target audience and genre to take the next steps with her book.

Here is what Tracy had to say about her hour consultation:

“WOW is my word of choice when it comes to my coaching experience. Stefanie Newell was prompt, courteous, and professional. She understood the assignment and executed it flawlessly. The process was simple because she’s knowledgeable about the subject and I was prepared to learn it.

Before we started I was stuck in specific areas, after it was over I’m full speed ahead in all of them. I learned that what I need is just a click and/or phone call away. Thanks, Stefanie for taking time out of your day to make mine! You are truly a gem and everyone who finds you will also discover treasures. Blessings to you!”

Case Study #37: Miya Winston (Non-Fiction Writer)

Mya reached out to me while writing her manuscript and wanted feedback on increasing her memoir’s word count, along with recommendations on how to improve her writing.

Here is what Miya had to say about her manuscript critique:

“Stefanie was so helpful in pointing things out on my manuscript that I would’ve never noticed on my own. Staying heavily consistent within one genre without mixing in elements of others never really crossed my mind before. Her positive affirmations gave me the confidence to keep going and hope that my book can actually happen. She was great at answering questions over email, which was also super helpful. So grateful that she took me on.


Case Study #38: Gabrielle Carter (Non-Fiction Writer)

Gabrielle reached out to me after finishing the first draft of her Christian journal for single women. She wanted feedback on how to improve what she’d written.

Here is what Gabrielle had to say about her manuscript critique:

“Stefanie Newell is so helpful. I invested some money into having her do an in-depth manuscript review and to help me with editing my manuscript. Her notes helped me to gain clarity on what I needed to work on and give me the right next steps. If you are seeing her on YouTube and considering working with her don’t hesitate! It will be worth every dollar that you spend. I cannot wait to publish the book on Amazon!