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A Word Count Tool Other Than Microsoft Word

by | Dec 14, 2015 | The Writer's Tool Box


That’s right. Read that title again. Let it sink in. You do not have to rely solely on Microsoft Word for your word count! In fact, there are some online word count tools that give you much more information about your writing. A good word count tool is not limited to just telling you how many words are in your document, but instead tell you much more.


What Word Count Tool is Best?

After searching through the Internet’s word count tools, I narrowed them down to two that I think work best for writers. The first one is simple, minimalist, and clean in appearance while still providing a great deal of information about the words you put into it. This word count tool can be found at http://charactercountonline.com.

With this word count tool, you can type directly onto the page or copy and paste your writing into it. Once your writing is in, this word count tool will tell you the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and spaces in your writing. While this may seem like every other word count tool you have seen, this website adds something extra. This word count tool tells you the number of times you use certain words and what percentage of your document a word appears. For example, if I put this blog post into the word count tool, it tells me that the word “word” makes up 6.56% of this document. This is a great tool for anyone writing a book as repetitiveness can really ruin the flow of your writing. Using this tool to ensure sure you don’t repeat certain words too much will help improve your writing.

The second word count tool that I want to talk about can be found at http://wordcounttools.com. This word count tool also gives you the percentage of words used, number of words, characters (with and without spaces), sentences, and paragraphs, but this tool also takes an extra step to bring you even more information about the writing you’ve put into it. It gives you the average word length of all the words in your document, the average sentence length, the number of unique words you have used, the number of words less that 5 letters long, the number of difficult words, and the grade level of writing. This word count tool even tells you the estimated reading time.

Both of the word count tool websites I have mentioned would be great assets to any writer wanting to know the statistics behind their words. 

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