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It's Time To Stop Dreaming About Writing Your First Book!

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If you've ever considered writing a book,
you've likely thought...


“I’m just not a writer.”

“I have no idea where to start!”

“Will anyone else like my manuscript?”

And the ever daunting: “I wish I could write, but I just can’t find the time!”


Do any of these describe you? Are these doubts holding you back from unleashing a successful writing career? Writing and publishing can be such demanding and overwhelming tasks that often you find yourself wanting to give up before you even start! But what if there were beginners writing courses, online just for you - the aspiring writer and author to be - to answer all of your initial questions, so all you have to do is WRITE?

Well you’re in luck!

I’m pleased to present the beginners writing course...
How to Write Your First Book


If you've ever found yourself wondering the correct steps to take in order to write a book, then this online course was created with you in mind. It doesn't matter if you write FICTION or NON-FICTION, this course has got you covered!

writing courses onlineAll newbie writers have questions that need answering before they can begin writing their manuscript. This online course answers those questions (and some you didn't even know you had,) so that you can focus on the WRITING! The How To Write A Book online course provides a step-by-step tutorial on the most essential steps like: outlining, formatting and researching your book!

In addition, I will be sharing the blueprint I've used my entire writing career to write best selling books. I will include tips on: how I choose a book genre, determined whether a book idea is profitable, chose a book title and a book cover that sells and much more! The tips I share helped me to hit #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List!


My Guarantee!

I'm so sure you're going to gain value from this beginners writing course, I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just contact us at [email protected] for a full refund of your purchase price.

Beginners Writing Courses Online

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Become the Writer You Were Born to Be!

It's time to add author to your credentials!

Through this Self-Paced, Actionable, and Easy-to-Access Online Writing Course, you’ll learn how to:

- Develop an outline and create a writing schedule so that
you can write and finish your manuscript!

- Find the perfect target audience so that you can SELL BOOKS!

- and much more!

writing courses online

Hi! I’m Stefanie Newell and I’ll personally be guiding you on the first and most important steps of your writing journey. Writing and helping others to write is my number one calling in life, which is why I’ve dedicated myself to being a writing coach - someone who helps people just like you! With over fifteen years of experience in the writing and publishing industry and several published books of my own, I am more than prepared to get you well on your way to success and show you that you DO have what it takes!

The tips I will be sharing in this writing course, helped my book to hit #1 and was an Amazon Best Seller!

Writing Courses Online


Are you new to writing? That’s not a problem! This course is Newbie-Friendly and was designed specifically with you in mind.

I understand that you need to see how certain steps are taken and this course will give you exactly that! Need to see how a successful author does research, outlines, or formats a book? I will provide you my exact process for doing all of this and more.

So if you’re tired of letting great ideas do nothing but gather dust in your head, do yourself a favor and get access to the How to Write Your First Book course! In it, I cover a variety of topics so that you can not only become published, but also be successful!

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive How To Write Your First Book course.
Once completing one of our writing courses online, you'll know how to:

  • Take the idea you've been dreaming about and turn it into a published book
  • Determine if your book idea is profitable before you write the book
  • Create a book cover and title that will garner you massive sales
  • Beat writer's block before it even starts
  • Outline your book so that you can write faster and get published sooner
  • Carve time out of your already busy schedule so you can accomplish your dream
  • Format your manuscript to submit to writing coaches, editors, agents and publishers
  • Determine exactly how long your book should be for your genre
  • Cater specifically to your target audience
  • Market your book to avid readers who love your genre
  • Choose which publishing method makes the most sense for your book
  • Learn the steps you need to take after you write your first draft

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answer to all of your writing courses online questions!

How do I know that one of your writing courses online is right for me?

If you are a newbie and this will be the first book you’ve ever written, this course was created specifically with you in mind.

I have created this course to answer all of the questions newbie writers have like: How do I get started? How much do I need to write? How do I outline and do research? This course will answer these questions and more by providing the most simplistic method that's easy for aspiring writers to understand.

Who is Stefanie Newell?

I was a newbie writer who wondered why there weren’t more resources available to those of us who were trying to write our first book. After self-publishing my first book, I decided to become the change I sought and went on to start my career as a writing coach.

That was in 2008, I have since earned a reputation as the go-to writing coach for the first time writer who’s looking for direction on how to write and publish their first book. Through my coaching, training programs and videos I have impacted thousands of authors to unleash their authentic voice and share their message through the pages of their book.

What will I have learned at the end of this course?

The How to Write Your First Book course covers so much more than just writing. I will cover everything you will need to know from the moment you decide to write to getting your book published.

You’ll learn the best approaches to researching your book, making your book marketable to a target audience, writing good quality content, avoiding writer’s block, and knowing the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

How do I access the course?

After purchasing the course from this page, you’ll be sent an email prompting you to create a username and password. Once you’ve done that, it’s yours to explore! Everything is self-paced, meaning that if you need to stop and exit the course at any time, you are free to do so. When you’re ready to resume, simply return to the login page, and pick up right where you left off!

How will the online course work?

I want this course to be as convenient for you as possible. I've spoken with enough of you personally to know that you don't want me to tell you how to do it, you want me to show you how to do it.

This course allows those of you with busy schedules, the freedom to start and stop as you please, and easily pick up where you left off. So for those of you who have trouble making time, this is the ideal solution. No need for any software or special equipment, you can view the course as soon as you get access!

Do you offer a guarantee?

I'm so sure you're going to gain value from this course, I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just contact us at [email protected] for a full refund of your purchase price.


Read what others have to say about working with writing coach Stefanie Newell.

“Writing a book was the most exciting thing I have ever done. I was working with another coach who I didn’t feel like understood my vision. Just when I was about to throw my hands up and let it all go, I found Stefanie.

Not only did she pick up what I was attempting to do, but she offered the most amazing advice and ideas to make my project even more awesome! I wrote a book and I was totally clueless about what to do with it. I have learned everything from utilizing beta readers to how to properly SEO my website, marketing and much much more.

My new-found friend has taught me so much about book writing. I am so grateful for her and I look forward to working side by side with her again on my next project.”

Meloney Washington Good Hair Coaching

“Stefanie Newell is a pleasure to work with. I have wanted to become an author for many years. I had started several novels but I never finished any of them. I lacked confidence and felt like no one would want to hear what I have to say.

After experiencing a tragedy in my family, I felt like I had to write some things down in order to heal. One day I came across Stefanie’s channel on YouTube. I enjoyed her tips so much that I subscribed to her channel and her newsletter.

One day when reading her newsletter, I read that she was offering a free hour long consultation. After debating with myself for a few days, I decided to send her an email. I thought to myself, what harm could it do.

She was easy to talk to and a great listener. I came out of that conversation feeling that I do have something to offer. At the very least, if I only write one book, I will have accomplished a lifelong goal. I hired her for 4 sessions and now I’m on my way to becoming a published author. Thanks Stefanie!”

Sheila Capers

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Your time is valuable, and I know you’re anxious to start writing! That’s why I’ve put your needs first in this one hour long course. You heard me - everything you need to get started in just ONE HOUR. I won’t waste your time by regurgitating the same thing over and over again. Instead, each of the 12 lessons will be jam-packed with Actionable Content that you can instantly put to use by utilizing one of the most popular writing courses online.

The How To Write Your First Book writing course!

Accessing the course couldn’t be any easier. After making your purchase on this page, you’ll be sent an email prompting you to create a unique username and password so you can easily come back at any time! Yes, it’s that easy!

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