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Tips For Decreasing Writing Errors

by | May 16, 2016 | Writing Tips

Tips For Decreasing Writing Errors

Ever since you began writing, odds are there have been mistakes in your work. Don’t feel bad about that, it happens to every single writer out there. Every writer—whether they are just starting out or if they are well established in the field—has made writing errors. It is impossible to not make any mistakes in your writing. However, it is possible to decrease the writing errors that you make. After following these tips for decreasing writing errors, you will have a sound piece of writing that is complete, and you will be ready to begin getting published!


4 Tips For Decreasing Writing Errors


1. Have a beta reader look over your writing!

Having someone you know look over your writing should be one of the first things you do with your newest writing project. As the author, you have been looking at that document for too long and the writing errors are starting to blur into the rest of your wonderful writing. Find a beta reader and ask them to read over your work and mark any errors they see. A great perk to this tip is that, in addition to catching some errors you may have made, your beta reader could offer suggestions to improve your piece even more!

2. Take a break and look at your writing later!

Take a trip down memory lane back to your paper writing school days. Remember how writing those 12+ page term papers would feel like your soul was being sucked out of your body? Sometimes if you just took a break, a quick walk maybe, and came back to your writing later, you would have a clear mind and new ideas to make your writing better! You can do that same thing as an adult. If your writing looks like it is perfect to you or you are getting a headache looking for errors, take a break. Do other tasks you need to do, go outside for a while, and take a night to sleep on it. After that, go back to your writing and look at it again. Odds are, your head will be clearer, calmer, and ready to find the hidden errors in your work.

3. Read your writing out loud!

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Not only does this tip help with grammatical errors in your writing, but it helps fix flow and sentence structure issues as well. When reading your work out loud, be sure to listen for anything that sounds strange. If you wouldn’t say something the way you’ve written it, change it! Writing should sound natural to your readers, and this tip is one of the best ways to make sure your work flows flawlessly.

4. Hire a writing coach or an editor!

After you have done the 3 tips listed above, it is a good idea to hire a professional book writing coach or book editor to help you polish your writing. Writing coaches and editors are great assets to have, especially if you are looking to publish whatever you are working on. These people are experts when it comes to writing books and publishing them, and if anyone will help you find errors, it’s them.

Writing is the thing we all love doing, but making a perfect piece is sometimes difficult. If you follow these tips for decreasing writing errors, your work will be that much closer to being ready for publication. As a writing coach, I can help you meet your error free writing goals! Contact me any time at Write One Publications!

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Tips For Decreasing Writing Errors