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Atlanta Writing Coach – Get Help Writing Your Non-Fiction Book!

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Write A Book

stefanie newell writing coach

If you live in Atlanta (or the surrounding areas)  consider hiring Atlanta writing coach Stefanie Newell to assist you with starting or completing your manuscript.

Oftentimes writers need help to take the idea that they’ve been thinking about and turn it into a book.

Writing coaches are great for helping to create a vision for your book, providing strategy so that your book is marketable, and even helping with ensuring that sentence flow and structure are ideal so that the content resonates well with readers.

In case you aren’t familiar with who I am, my name is Stefanie Newell. I’ve amassed over 1.8 million views on YouTube by sharing my writing tips and advice. My tips have helped numerous authors to hit #1 on Amazon, get offered book deals, and most importantly to get consistent sales.

As a professional writer and an Atlanta writing coach, I have taken all of my writing, book marketing, and publishing experience thus far and helped countless writers just like you to bring their dream of a writing career to fruition. My successes have allowed me to coach Hollywood film and television producer Madison Jones, Womeneur founder Sharon Beason, Grammy award-winning music producer S1, and hip hop artist, philanthropist, and politician Rhymefest!

How An Atlanta Writing Coach Can Help!

As an Atlanta writing coach, I help writers with brainstorming so that they can expand upon their ideas.

Writing is a long and tedious process and many writers become defeated if they are not able to eloquently put onto a page exactly what they want to express. I can help you draw inspiration and develop your ideas.

I will start the process by evaluating the work that has been done on the manuscript thus far. This allows me to be able to provide you with suggestions on improvements, as well as highlight the aspects of your manuscript that you are already doing a great job with. I will ensure that your completed manuscript is the best work you’ve created and something you can be proud of.

If you haven’t begun writing your book yet, I can also provide you with a simple strategy for writing your book which includes: determining your genre, target audience, word count, publishing journey, creating an outline, and more.

As your Atlanta writing coach, I can also assist non-fiction writers with the following:

– Getting started writing and fine tuning your book idea!
– Publishing your first book!
– Creating a book marketing plan!
– Learning how to garner book publicity!
– Learning how to use social media as a writer!
– Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!
– Establishing your brand as a writer!
– And much more! Just ask!

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