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Are you unfamiliar with what developmental editing is? Well, developmental editing (also known as substantive editing) focuses on structural issues, sequencing, pacing, point of view, and any other big picture questions an author has about whether their book works as-is.

For fiction books, developmental editing also focuses on character, plot, setting, theme, POV and conflict.

This type of editing doesn’t take into consideration spelling, grammar, or punctuation but instead focuses on whether the overall book meets the needs of your genre and target audience.

Developmental editing answers questions like, is my writing good enough? Have I written enough? Am I ready to publish?

Developmental editing allows you to publish your book with confidence!

Listen, I’m passionate about writing and I find absolute joy in assisting aspiring writers to bring their book ideas to fruition!

I’ve amassed over 3 million views on YouTube, have over 15 years of experience, published over 15 books, hit Amazon’s Bestseller’s list, and coached over a hundred aspiring writers on their journey to becoming published authors!

Get feedback on your manuscript so that you can publish your book with confidence!


What genres do you provide developmental editing for?

Any non-fiction genre. However, I primarily work with memoirs, self-help, and business-related books. I’ve chosen these non-fiction genres because they are genres where I can provide the most value. I also provide developmental editing for some fiction genres including romance, urban fiction, fantasy, etc. Please include your genre in the application below.

What is the minimum word count?

In order to provide my clients with value, the minimum word count for developmental editing is 10,000 words. With that being said, under certain circumstances, I will consider smaller word counts.

How long does the process take?

Depending on my schedule and your book’s word count, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

Will you do rewrites?

No, developmental editors do not write or rewrite anything for authors. As a developmental editor I advise how best to rework your project in order to deliver clear content. I specialize in examining the overall structure and can help with the organization of the content. I help authors fill in blanks and eliminate repetitions. I may also suggest that the chapters be rearranged. My goal as your developmental editor is to provide you with feedback on how you can improve your writing. I will make suggestions on what needs to be improved, however, you will handle rewrites if there are any needed.



Submit an application below to receive a quote based on your book’s word count. Once payment is received, submit your manuscript as a Google Docs or Microsoft Word file.


In 4 to 6 weeks, receive a markup of your manuscript and an in-depth assessment of your book’s strengths and weaknesses.

What My Clients Are Saying..

I enjoyed my interaction with Stefanie and found her to be attentive and professional. She really got me started in the right direction! She dots all the “I’s” and crosses all the “T’s” for sure!



Stefanie was amazing!  She assisted me through the process of completing my book and gave me a whole new perspective on the art of writing.

LARRY GRIFFIN JR. (Professionally known as S1)


I came across Stefanie on her YouTube channel after getting great tips from there on writing I decided to contact her for further guidance in writing my first book. I got started with the free 30-minute consultation that she offers, an excellent opportunity where I learned what I needed to do first. It was only my first draft and being a first-time writer I thought I could go into editing and publishing. Stefanie advised me on the steps that I needed to accomplish before going into editing and publishing. We decided to start with a manuscript critique. It’s an essential first step as a writer because it gave me (the writer) ideas and areas that I can improve my manuscript. She gave me great feedback on my manuscript that I know will improve my book. Stefanie is looking to help above all else, she worked with me and offered services that were within my limited budget and I am so grateful. I know I am on the right track with my book because of working with Stefanie and I have my go-to person for all my writing projects and even much more. Thank you Stefanie.




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    *Please note: you will receive a quote via email within 2 business days. All developmental edits come with a 30-minute consultation which must be scheduled the week after your manuscript is returned, or else forfeited.