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7 More Apps For Writers You’ll Love!

by | Jun 7, 2022 | The Writer's Tool Box, Videos For Writers

Here are 7 apps for writers you’ll love! These apps are helping writers to find writing opportunities, do research, have better focus, and more.

Apps For Writers

Daily Prompt https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/daily-prompt-writing-app/id1448668946 
The Writer’s App https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-writers-app/id1464934455 
Insight Timer https://apps.apple.com/us/app/insight-timer-meditation-app/id337472899 
Transparent Note https://apps.apple.com/us/app/transparent-note/id974837912 
Next Big Idea https://apps.apple.com/us/app/next-big-idea-book-insights/id1502959151 
Chrome Remote Desktop https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chrome-remote-desktop/id944025852 
Visit g.co/crd/setup from your Chrome or Firefox browser. Then install the Chrome Remote Desktop software and follow the instructions to complete the setup. After your remote device is set up, you can then access it directly.  
Fiverr https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fiverr-freelance-services/id346080608 

First up is Daily Prompt. Daily Prompt helps you to become a better author in just 15 minutes a day. They use writing prompts to help start a writing habit and make progress as an author, to try out new genres, to get feedback on your writing, and much more. 

I recommend Daily Prompt for fiction writers who want to exercise their creative muscle. 

App #2 is The Writers App. The Writers App is another great resource for gaining exposure to your writing and allows you to grow an audience outside of your website. This app is perfect for authors, journalists, writers, or editors who are looking for their next step. This app allows you to stop searching for gigs and get the most up to date news in the writing field as well as job opportunities and competitions. 

App #3 is Insight Timer. Insight Timer while not marketed as an app for writers, makes the list as I’ve found it very helpful and a great addition to my morning routine. If you’re a writer, then you already know how much thinking this career path requires. Well, this app is considered to be the #1 free meditation app. 

They offer thousands of guided meditations, that you can select by the time you’re able to invest . These meditations are led by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, teachers, and more.  

I recommend starting your morning with a 5 minute guided meditation to clear your mind and inspire creativity. 

App #4 is Transparent Note. Transparent Note is such a cool app and for those of you who love taking notes, this is a digital sticky note. This app allows you to browse the web while writing or reading notes. 

App #5 is called the Next Big Idea. The Next Big Idea touts themselves as being the only place to get 15 minute summaries from the best new nonfiction books directly from the authors themselves. 

My recommendation would be to use this app to learn more about what other authors are doing within the genre, to read more, and to learn and support other authors within your genre. 

App #6 is Chrome Remote Desktop. This app is all about convenience. As a writer you may be struck with motivation and not be near your computer. Well, this is a Chrome app that allows you to securely access your computer from your iOS device, no matter where you are located. 

So first you want to go to the computer that you want to remotely access (Windows 7+ or macOS 10.13+) 

Visit g.co/crd/setup from your Chrome or Firefox browser. 

Then install the Chrome Remote Desktop software and follow the instructions to complete the setup. 

After your remote device is set up, you can then access it directly. 

apps for writers

App #7 is Fiverr. Now this is an app I’ve used since it first launched, but how I’ve used it has changed over the years. Fiverr describes themselves as connecting entrepreneurs to experts to help them get every great idea done. So, here’s what this means for writers on Fiverr. If you have strong writing and interpersonal skills and are ready to make a career out of writing, consider becoming a freelance writer on Fiverr. You can offer to write blog content, product descriptions, or even ghostwrite for entrepreneurs in need. 

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