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Apps For Writing A Book

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Blog

First time authors often wonder the best apps for writing a book. The truth is there are some really good apps out there that can help you to start your book on the right footing.

In this video, I share some of the best apps for writing a book! These are apps that I personally use along my writing journey that help me to be productive.

Apps are really awesome tools (especially for first time writers) because it makes the writing easier! And who doesn’t like easier?

There are many uses for apps, but in this video I share how I personally use these apps to further improve my writing and to build my author brand.

Book writing apps are perfect for fiction and non-fiction writers looking to either compliment their writing through apps OR writers who are looking to use apps exclusively for writing their book.

These apps will help you to do research, write better and create images for your social media posts, media kits, book covers and more! In this video I provide both free and paid apps for iOS and Android that will help you to get the writing done.

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Video Transcript for Apps For Writing A Book

apps for writing a bookIn this video I’m going to be sharing some apps that I’m currently using on my writing journey. All of these apps help me to be way more productive throughout the day.

So there are a variety of different apps that I use. Some that helps me to actually write my book, and then others that allow me to keep up on social media.

The first app that I really love is Merriam Webster Dictionary, which is a great app because it has so many different functions. The obvious function is to use it to look up a word. So in this case, I’m going to put in the word passion. And if you tap this button on the side of the word, it will announce the word, which I think is really awesome, especially if you’ve never heard a word pronounced before.

It’s also going to give you several definitions for the word, but something else that I love is that it provides examples of how to use the word in a sentence, as well as the origin of the word.

If you tap the toggle at the bottom of the page, you’re now in the thesaurus.  Another really awesome thing is that you can favorite words. And if you tap this button on the right, it allows you to either text, email and more.

I also love that there are games on this app. So depending on the type of word games you like, you have a variety to choose from.

It also provides you with the word of the day.

The next app that I really love especially when I’m on the go and I can’t do this from my computer is Canva. Canva allows you to create images for not only your social media but also your media kits and more!

For the sake of this video, I am going to be creating an Instagram image. If you hit the grey button in the left hand corner of the screen, it’ll display templates that are very easy to use.

So one of the things that I like to do is go in and decide if these are the colors or even the fonts that I want to use. So you can double tap any of the elements in the document so for example I can tap on the words if life gives you lemons, make Margarita, and that’ll give me the option to change the font, the sizing and the color.

Another really really powerful app is the Amazon app now I use this app for doing research as well as reading books. While you’re just sitting on the couch, put in some of the keywords that are related to your book, what you’ll notice is… Amazon will provide suggestions of other keywords that people are putting in in order to find books similar to yours.

So in this example, I’m going to put in how to write your first book. I am putting this in because it is one of the keywords associated with my book, which I encourage all of you guys to pick up. But in addition to my book, there are a lot of other books on this page that will help you on your writing journey.

So I call this app powerful because the app allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle so you don’t even have to purchase an actual Kindle device. Instead you can download this free app, and it allows you to read ebooks directly from your phone or your iPad.

This next app (which I’m unsure if it’s available for the phone, but I do have it as an app on my iPad) is an actual writing app that will help you to write your book and it is MS Word.

I happen to love Microsoft Word because I have been using Microsoft Word since I was in high school. It is currently known as office 365, which includes MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you’re going to get the most use out of this app if you are reviewing documents or if you have a keyboard attachment for your tablet.

This next app is Wattpad and its described as a storytelling platform, which basically means that you can not only write your book on this platform, but you can also share your writing with its community of over 65 million readers and writers. Now this isn’t an app that I personally use, but it does come highly recommended by other writers.

The Otter app is described as a smart note-taking app. Although it’s not intended for this purpose it can be useful to writers who are unable to type their book. And one thing that I really like about this app is that the transcriptions are usually pretty accurate. You can export the audio or the text, and you can share your transcription via email or text.

The list for writers app is one that I just found recently. But I absolutely love this app because it allows you to create character profiles. Now when I say character profiles, I don’t just mean the physical characteristics or the name or occupation of your character. This app provides suggestions for just about everything that you can think of as it relates to your characters.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think of these apps. If you want to write a book that helps you to connect with readers and sell more books make sure to visit my website at howtowriteabookthatsells.com!

Oh and guys make sure you check the description box. I’ve added the link to my Writing Resources where I share all of the apps, softwares, and electronics I use to write my books.

Grab my FREE Writing Resources PDF and learn the apps, softwares, and electronics I use to write my book! http://bit.ly/writing-resource

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