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The Best Book Cover Design Ideas

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Tips For Writers

Book Cover Design Ideas

Designing your book cover is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of publishing your new novel. Thinking of all the elements you want to implement can make you want to jump right into the design process… but you need to take a moment and pause before you begin. The cover of your book is the first thing your potential readers are going to see. You want it to look perfect for your book. A lot goes into a book cover, and these book cover design ideas are going to help you create the perfect image for your new book.

Book Cover Design Ideas That Help You To Sell

A lot of factors contribute to your book cover’s overall design. Is your book non-fiction or fiction? What genre is your book written in? Who is your target audience? All of these things will figure into whatever book cover design ideas you come up with. In regards to your genre, if you are writing a romance novel you don’t want to use a picture that invokes a sense of doom or fright, just as you wouldn’t want to use a romantic image on the cover of a horror book. For whatever image you decide to use on your book cover, you want it to be a high-resolution photo that looks good across every device your audience may be reading on.

When coming up with book cover design ideas, you want to be simple with it. Don’t put too much on the cover. If you put too much on the cover, your readers may be overwhelmed and be turned away from your book. What is the main theme of your novel? Show that on the cover in a subtle way that doesn’t give away the plot. You should also take a trip to your local bookstore and browse your genre’s section. Look at your competition’s book covers. What fonts do they use? What kinds of images? Are the covers minimalist or detailed? Every aspect of your book cover is important to creating a look that will make your target audience reach for it on the shelf. Do your research and keep it simple and you are bound to create a great book cover design.