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Utilize Character Development In Your Novel

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Tips For Writers

Utilize Character Development In Your Novel

When you are reading a book, you focus in on the setting, the descriptions, and, most importantly, the characters. The characters you create are the center of the story you are telling. They are the ones your readers attach to, root for, cry for, laugh with, and relate to. You don’t want to create a story with characters that never change throughout the whole book; you need a story with character development. Using character development can greatly improve any writing that you do. When you’re working on writing exercises or writing your first full-length novel, using character development to further your plot is always the way to go!

Why is Character Development Important?


Character development is vital to the success of your book because it adds a sense of reality to your story. People change throughout their entire lives; your characters need to as well. Having a character start out as someone who could never see themselves settling down in a relationship only to go through the events of your plot to find themselves ready to walk down the aisle is one example of character development. Another example could be a character starting out as helpless only to end up being the leader of a group! Your characters have to show signs of growth to be relatable and well rounded. Having static, one-dimensional characters is not going to give you a good story and it is also not going to get you good reviews once your book is published. Put your characters through hard times, put them through things they never would have been a part of if they could choose. By putting these events on your characters, you can force them to change and evolve, giving your readers an interesting, lifelike character.

Making the characters you imagine relatable is your most important task as an author. They are the heart of your novel and they are what your readers will remember most about the books you write. Making sure they go though character development is essential. I know you are up to the task! But if you ever need help getting your characters through that character development, visit my website at Write One Publications to learn more about what I can do as your writing coach! I look forward to hearing all about your characters!

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Utilize Character Development In Your Novel