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Creative Writing Prompts To Help You Move Past Writer’s Block

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Tips For Writers

Creative Writing Prompts to Help You Move Past Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can hit any author. It does not matter if you are a newbie writer, or a writer who has been at it for decades. The human brain is not all-powerful, and sometimes it has a blockage. There are a lot of ways to beat writer’s block, and I’m going to share with you one of my favorite ways to get past it: creative writing prompts. Creative writing prompts can be amazingly helpful when you run out of ideas or hit a writing plateau. Being given a quick little prompt can trigger something in your mind and get your creative juices flowing again! Bookmark this blog post so the next time you get writer’s block, you can look at these creative writing prompts and get yourself moving again!

Creative Writing Prompts For You to Finish

• One morning you wake up to discover you are no longer in your bedroom. You are in a completely different place. You look around and see wooden walls, candles burning on the nightstand, herbs hanging to dry in the open window, a cauldron bubbling over a fire. You step out of bed and feel a dirt floor beneath your feet… you’ve traveled back in time…

• You’re sitting at your desk with your nightly cup of tea working on your latest attempt at a novel. You glance out of your window and see something that makes you run outside for a better look…

• 11:58 pm. You knew it was coming. In just two minutes your phone would ring. It would ring just as it had every night at midnight for the past two weeks. 11:59 pm. You started pacing with your phone in your hand, anxiously checking the time every few seconds. What did they want? Forget about what they wanted, who were they? They never spoke; it was always just ominous breathing. 12:00 am. Ringgggg.

• Grab the closest book to you and open it to page 22. The first line is how you will begin your story. Go!

These creative writing prompts can really help get you past writer’s block. Have fun with them! Make them super serious or super funny. Romantic or creepy. It is up to you and your creative mind! If these creative writing prompts don’t work or you want more tips for beating writer’s block, visit Write One Publications and we can talk it out. Have fun with your creative writing and share what you’ve written with us!

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Creative Writing Prompts to Help You Move Past Writer’s Block