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When To Use Descriptive Writing In Your Manuscript

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Tips For Writers

When To Use Descriptive Writing In Your Manuscript

Descriptive writing is writing that uses descriptive words to show your readers what is happening in your book. Typically when one thinks of descriptive writing, fiction novels come to mind. Fiction writers love to use descriptive writing to give their readers the opportunity to see the story unfolding inside their imaginations. But the use of descriptive writing does not have to be limited to one particular genre. If used correctly, descriptive writing can make any piece of writing better.

Descriptive writing should attempt to use the senses to create a sense of the reader actually being in your writing. Use sight, sound, smell, taste, and even touch. If you can describe what your characters are experiencing in their world with beautiful descriptive language, you can bring your book’s world into your reader’s world.

Descriptive Writing: For Fiction or Nonfiction?


We know descriptive writing in fiction is great, but using descriptive language in nonfiction books can improve the writing of your book. As a writer you would no longer be simply retelling of true events, but rather retelling of true events that readers feel a part of. Using this type of language for nonfiction may seem strange, but it is worth it if it makes your book better in the long run.

So, give it a try the next time you are working on a nonfiction piece, whether it be a new book or just a quick writing exercise. Use descriptive language to flush out the story you are telling with your writing. Use the senses and bring your readers into your nonfiction work. If you need any assistance using descriptive writing in your new writing project, contact me at Write One Publications and we can discuss the best methods for you to use!

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When To Use Descriptive Writing In Your Manuscript