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Easy E-Book Promotion Tips – Ingredients For A Successful Book Launch

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Book Promotion

Easy E-Book Promotion Tips - Ingredients For A Successful Book Launch

In today’s world of advanced information technology, production of an eBook is rather an easy task. However, online platforms are so crowded, you may find it difficult for your eBook to stand out. This article will outline easy e-book promotion tips that you can implement today. These promotional tips are simple and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

The successful promotion of your eBook is the combination of three main ingredients: perfect planning, creative approach and strong determination. This article will explain how to use the aforementioned ingredients to plan a successful eBook launch.

Easy E-Book Promotion Tips

The Meat and Potatoes

When considering easy e-Book promotion tips one cannot ignore the importance of book reviews. Your audience chiming in and saying the book is awesome is essential to the success of your eBook.

Book reviews are the perfect promotional tool for your readers.

At book signings and appearances, ask for book reviews! On Facebook, Twitter, and on blog posts – ask for book reviews!

Easy E-Book Promotion Tips - Ingredients For A Successful Book LaunchEncourage your audience to provide book reviews on various sites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads. If you want to kick it up a notch ask them to post book reviews to their personal blogs, websites, groups, forums, Facebook, etc. Having book reviews on different types of sites is exactly what you need in order to get your eBook maximum exposure. You won’t find your entire audience on Facebook! Some people are reading blogs or having a cup of tea and reading Twitter from their desk at work.

Be sure to take advantage of book reviews prior to the release of your book too. You can ask a select group of book bloggers, book reviewers, supporters, and media to review your book in advance of the book’s release date. This creates buzz!

Supply your advanced readers with a PDF copy and make sure to include promotional materials.

Garnering the attention of the readers and making them aware of your eBook is the most crucial task before you.

You can achieve this by promoting snippets of content from your book. If you’re a non-fiction writer, what makes you an expert? Or what makes your memoir interesting? If you’re a fiction writer, introduce your characters and share what makes your story unique.

The free promotional content you share must reflect the quality of the eBook as a whole so that your readers are compelled to purchase.

Promote high value content; excerpts that move your buyer to click the ‘add to my cart’ button.

The Icing On The Cake – Be Creative!

Create an interactive campaign on social media. This is your opportunity to use creativity to promote your eBook in whatever way makes the most sense for your book. This can include memes, viral videos, inspirational quotes, etc. Just make sure to deliver your book’s overall message. And make it interactive so that your audience can talk back to you!

Whatever promotional tool you choose, make sure to include a link to your eBook or your social media handle.

The Secret Ingredient – Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone!

Without self-confidence you cannot promote anything on the Internet. When you have full confidence about the quality of your book the same reflects in your words when you talk about the book to other people. How you promote your book serves as a reflection  of your brand. Do it with confidence!

Try these easy e-Book promotion tips to popularize your eBook and then email me in six months and tell me what kind of success you have. Build your ‘likes’ on Facebook, establish your circle using Google+, actively participate in various online discussions and other similar social media activities and report back to me.

Will you be trying any of these easy e-Book promotion tips? If so, please share in the comment section below.

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Easy E-Book Promotion Tips - Ingredients For A Successful Book Launch