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5 Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Book Descriptions

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Writing Tips

5 Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Book Descriptions

So you’ve written your book, gotten great feedback, and have an editor lined up to read your piece. But what about a book description? One of the most important parts of your marketing campaign is your book description. After the cover and the title, your book description is your last chance to get the reader that is on the fence about purchasing your book to take a leap of faith. You want to make sure it has everything it needs to make a good impression. And so, without further ado…five tips for writing attention-grabbing book descriptions.

Write One Publications’ 5 Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Book Descriptions

1. Taglines! A tagline is a short sentence or two describing your book in a way that leaves the reader wanting to know more. Great tagline examples can be found by looking at your favorite movies. For example, Alien (1979) used the tagline: “In space no one can hear you scream.” Now that is a sentence that leaves an audience wanting more. This is what you want to aim for with your tagline. Keep it short, and keep it intriguing.

2. Character hook! If your book is a fiction novel, you’ll want to include a good character hook in your book description. A good way to grab your potential reader’s interest is to include some sort of conflict in your character hook. If you just give a little hint at what the conflict will be in your novel, which makes your reader think about what could happen and why the conflict is happening. A character hook will draw them in, making them want to learn more.

3. Your selling paragraph! The selling paragraph of your book description is where you tell the audience why they will like your book. For example, you could write something like this: “(Your title) is the first book in a fantasy series. If you enjoy reading about heroes, far off lands, and daring swordfights, then you’ll love this new set of novels.” Your selling paragraph is all about… well… selling your book to prospective readers!

4. The closing hook! The closing hook you use in your book description is your absolute last shot at selling your book to the person reading the description. Think of the closing hook like a cliffhanger. Give your readers something, and then leave it there for them to think about. Make them yearn to know more about your book. If you use a good closing hook, your readers will definitely purchase your book.

5. A call to action! The last piece of the book description puzzle is your call to action. This is where you say something like: “To find out what happens to Lily and James, purchase this book now!” This is where you are asking your potential readers to purchase your book. Draw them in by giving them the promise of finding out what happens, and then give them a way to buy your book.

Writing a good book description doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these 5 tips for writing attention-grabbing book descriptions, you’ll have a solid piece of writing completed in no time. If you ever need help writing your book description, contact me at  Write One Publications and I will help you write a great attention-grabbing book description that will help your book sell!

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5 Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Book Descriptions