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How To Get A Copyright For Your Manuscript!

by | May 28, 2014 | The Writer's Tool Box, Videos For Writers

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How to get a copyright is among the most frequent questions new authors ask. It is also an important question. While many writers do not run the risk of their work being compromised or copied by another person, it still does happen, and being prepared gives you the best protection. Here are tips on how to get a copyright for your manuscript. This video also answers the question, “Should I copyright my manuscript?”

What exactly is copyright?

How To Get A Copyright For Your Manuscript!Many are clueless that your a book is technically “copyrighted” the moment you produce the book; you own it exclusively. Once your book is in a tangible form (written down, regarding literary work), it becomes yours in addition to the legal possession.

Unfortunately, this is usually a nebulous safeguard, legally. You already know you have ownership of it, yet a judge may want to see the registered copyright.

Registering copyright shows your legal ownership of the book. So although you own the book at the moment, copyrighting it (registering it into the copyright database) provides the legal evidence you will need in case there are problems.

Should you end up being a target of plagiarism, you need to have registered the copyright before you litigate your case. Registering the copyright right after the released or finished work, fortifies your claim.

How to Get A Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is straightforward and inexpensive.

When you’ve finished your book, acquire a copyright form at your US Copyright Office. You will find three forms readily available for copyrighting written works, as well as the Copyright Office’s website can assist you to choose which document you will need.

Send in the form, a $55 registration fee, and one copy of your respective book in its “best edition.” If you are copyrighting an un-published book, send a manuscript; if registering a published book, typically send the paperback/hardcover edition.

You may also register via their website and spend only $35. Visit the Copyright Office webpage at copyright.gov, click on the electronic Copyright Office and submit your information.

Be prepared to wait from 9 to 22 months to get your certificate.

Do you have any additional questions on how to get a copyright, ask in the comment section below.

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How To Get A Copyright For Your Manuscript!