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How to Get an ISBN For Your Book

by | Dec 21, 2015 | The Writer's Tool Box

How to Get an ISBN For Your Book

You’ve finished writing your book, you’ve figured out how you want to publish it, and now the time has come for you to get an ISBN for your book. Not everyone knows how to get an ISBN, but that is okay! If you are a newbie writer, I am going to help you learn how to get an ISBN. It is easier than you think! I promise.

How to Get an ISBN: Free or for Purchase

Deciding whether or not you want to purchase an ISBN or get one for free depends on a few things. If you are only publishing one book, are not starting your own publishing company, or are on a very tight budget, then a free ISBN would be a good idea for you and your book. You can get one of these free ISBNs from CreateSpace if you decide to use Create Space as your independent publisher. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase your own ISBN, you will be able to control the bibliographic record of your book. This can help make your book easier to find for people searching online. When purchasing an ISBN, you have to go to http://isbn.org. Once there, you will notice that the price of just one ISBN is $125. This price is high, but if you look at their other options, you can get bulk ISBNs at reduced rates. Why do you need more than one ISBN? If you decide to publish your book in an eBook format and a print format, you will need two separate ISBNs for that. If you are self-publishing, purchasing your own ISBN also allows for the registration of your publishing company. This way, when people search for your book, your company is represented. A free ISBN will not do this.

Figuring out which path is best for your book—free or for purchase—is an important step in the publishing process. Have you ever purchased your own ISBN? Leave tips based on your experience below!

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How to Get an ISBN For Your Book