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How To Have Your Book Signing At Book Festivals, Bookstores & More!

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Book Marketing, Videos For Writers

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If you are looking for places to have your book signing, you are not alone! As writers, we sometimes need to step outside of the Internet and be social. Book signings are a great way to interact with readers and market our books.

There are several places writers can have their book signings. The easiest place is probably a book festival as there is usually good attendance by avid readers, book clubs, and reviewers and there is usually no stipulations involved. Most book festivals require writers to pay a fee, but it’s a great place to be if you are a first time author. It gives you an opportunity to network with other authors and learn selling techniques.

Obviously as writers, we all want to be in bookstores and this is probably the #1 place that writers will want to have their book signing because it also gets your book on bookstore shelves. However, this route can sometimes be a challenge for self-published authors. In this video, I provide tips on having your book signing in bookstores and retail stores. I even give a few tips for having your signing in unconventional places as well. These tips will also be beneficial for self published authors.

book signings at festivals and bookstores

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