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Low Cost Publishing Options To Get Your Book Idea On The Market

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Publishing Costs

Low Cost Publishing Options To Get Your Book Idea On The Market

Once you have finished your manuscript you will have to publish your work and get it ready to sell. There are some low cost publishing options you can try. Putting out less upfront money to publish your book will help you to put more back in your pocket from sales. Some of the following low cost publishing options will help you get your book on the market.

A Few Low Cost Publishing Options

Make It An eBook

The most obvious low cost publishing option is sending your work straight to eBook. You can choose to use services like Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo, or Blurb. Many people are turning to these versions of reading to save on space and make reading more convenient. If you find that your eBook is doing well in sales, then you might consider printing it.

Another eBook option is creating a PDF version that you sell strictly from your website. These books can still be viewed by the purchaser on their Kindle, but alleviates you having to share a royalty with Amazon.

I would only recommend this option for the author who already has a strong following, as the exposure you would receive on Amazon is unsurpassed. This option is perfect for someone who has a strong Internet presence, large email subscriber list and someone who has already established themselves within their niche.

Print on Demand

CreateSpace and Lighting Source are two print on demand options. These services only print the books once you order them. This cuts down on the cost associated with printing and not selling the books right away. You also will not have to store the copies of your unsold books. These services offer low cost printing options and the books come out with a high quality look that can compete with other more traditional publishing options.

Use a Traditional Publishing Company

When you go with a traditional publishing company, you will not pay out of pocket for publishing costs. Instead, when a publishing company picks up your book, you will actually be given a cash advance. You waive a lot of rights going this route, but it might be the best financial choice for you.

Having a book published takes a lot of work and patience. Choose one of these low cost publishing options to give you the best return on your investment.

Which low cost publishing route do you think you will choose? Please share in the comment section below.

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Low Cost Publishing Options To Get Your Book Idea On The Market