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3 Things You May Not Know About Publishing a Book

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Self vs Traditional

3 Things You May Not Know About Publishing a Book

Publishing a book comes with all sorts of trials and tribulations, many of which can be intimidating to someone who’s just getting started. In your research, you’re introduced to so much information about publishing a book that you’re bound to miss some of the smaller and less talked-about points. Whether you’re a newbie to the industry or have some experience to boast of, there may be several tips that you accidentally overlooked.

Publishing a Book: What Else Should You Know?

Finding a literary agent

A literary agent is someone who can help you get your manuscript read by the right people when you’re publishing a book. They represent you to publishing companies, film studios, and more and perform many valuable services to writers who many not be experts on the industry. Not only will they connect you with a publisher, they are key in negotiating your contract, establishing your royalties, and mediating disputes between you and the publisher.

Small vs. large publishers

Every publishing company will have its own goals and its own brand that it’s trying to sell. The books they choose to publish will reflect their brand. Your aim when you’re publishing a book is to find a company whose interests align with your own. As a rule of thumb, larger publishing companies take on books that they believe will have commercial value and smaller companies look for books with literary value. Keep this in mind when choosing your publisher.

E-books sell better than print

As of 2011, Amazon has been selling more e-books than they have hardcover or paperback copies. For every 100 print books they sell, they’ve sold 105 books on Kindle. If you’re publishing a book for profit, you’ll absolutely want to consider the value of selling e-books and make sure your book has what it takes to appeal to that audience.

Publishing is an enormous industry that changes more and more as the years go by. There are always going to be new rules to play by and opportunities to jump on – I would know! As a writing coach, it’s my job to stay on top of these trends and answer all your questions, so I would love it if you would drop by and contact me at my website Write One Publications to learn everything you need to know about publishing a book.

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3 Things You May Not Know About Publishing a Book