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Self Publishing Cost (Create A Budget For Your Book)

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Blog

Wondering what your self publishing cost will be? Or how much it will cost to publish a book on Amazon? In this video, I’ll be sharing how to calculate self publishing cost so that you can start planning (in advance) how much money to budget for your book.

Video Transcript for Self Publishing Cost

Hi YouTube! Author Stefanie Newell and this is The Life Of A Writer channel.

Today’s video –  Self Publishing Cost. So if you want to connect with readers and sell more books, make sure to subscribe and get new content to your inbox every Tuesday. But in this video, I’m going to be sharing how to go about calculating self-publishing costs, so that you can start on your budget early!

I was recently a part of a workshop panel and this question kept coming up over and over again… how much does it really cost to self publish a book? So in this video, I’m going to be giving you an idea of some of the things that you have to factor in as far as cost.

No one can tell you exactly how much it’s going to cost in order for you to self publish your book, because there’s so many different factors that goes into it. Such as… who you choose for an editor your graphic designer, the length of your book, and there’s just so many different things that go into the cost.

Tips For Budgeting

Self Publishing Cost

But in this video I plan to share with you all of the different expenses that you will or possibly incur as a result of self-publishing so that you can begin your budget.

Depending on your preference and final vision for your book, you’ll either need to purchase stock photos for your book cover or hire a professional photographer to shoot the cover for your book. You will also need to hire a graphic designer to design your book cover.

Aside from your book cover editing your book is one of those areas where you don’t want to skimp, so you want to find an editor that is qualified to do the work and also be mindful not to choose editors based on price. As the self-published author its also going to be your responsibility to copyright your book. So that’s also another cost that you want to include in your budget.

And an ISBN so an ISBN is a nine digit number that identifies your book. So while you definitely can typeset your book in softwares like Microsoft Word, there are people that will provide the service for you so you also may need to include this in your budget.

Whether you choose to hire someone to create your website or use a free platform such as WordPress or Blogger there are still costs associated. Such as domain registration, as well as hosting.

Self Publishing Cost

Depending on the company that you choose to go with there are going to be some costs associated with proof copies and setup costs and also your initial first-run. So you have to make a decision on how many books you want to initially start with, so that if you go to a book signing or you’re just selling books from your website, you’re gonna have to purchase those books (at cost) and then sell them to your customer.

So miscellaneous items that you’re probably not including in your budget… So you definitely want to include them as well such as book release parties, shipping and packaging materials, table dressing, book stands, and things of that nature. So you definitely want to include those in your budget as well.

Now the things that I’m going to talk about next are entirely optional, but some authors choose to purchase advertising for social media and magazines and radio. As well as hiring marketing and PR firms to assist with your book projects.

If you decide to go with promotional items such as posters and business cards and flyer all of those items are going to have cost associated with the printing of them.

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If you’re looking to hire me as your writing coach, you will find that information there as well and I look forward to talking with you in my next video!

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