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Sell Books Using Online Book Retailers

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Sell Books

Sell Books Using Online Book Retailers

You’re a newbie writer and you’ve just completed your first book… congratulations! Now that you’ve gotten through the act of actually writing your book, now it is time to start selling it. Sell books using online book retailers! It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the book-selling scene. Luckily, you found this blog post! So, read on to find out about 5 online book retailers that you can use to sell your book.

Sell Books Using Online Book Retailers: The Most Popular


1. Draft2Digital: This website is great if you are self-publishing your new book. You send Draft2Digital your Word document and they convert it into an eBook format for you. You also get to choose your list price and the digital stores your book will be sold in. The best part about Draft2Digital? They are free for you to use and as an aggregator, they keep 10% of the retail price of your book.

2. Google Play: This site can help your book reach more readers in more places. They boast that they have over 1 billion users and because they already are a great search engine, why not use the power of Google to help your book get noticed? Google Play also allows you to set your prices and choose which countries you want your book sold to.

3. iBooks: Apple’s book publishing is a bit more involved than the ones listed above. For example, if you are charging a fee for your book and the book is in .ibooks format, then your book can only be sold in the iBooks Store, nowhere else. You do keep your rights and also have the ability to distribute it in the .epub format as well.

4. Amazon: With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can publish your book for free and earn up to 70% of your royalties. Once you submit your book, it will be on Amazon sites in just two days. Amazon also gives you an opportunity to reach millions of readers in many different countries and allows you to publish in different languages.

5. Kobo: This site provides an easy way for you to publish your book in an eBook format. Their eBook store reaches 190 countries and millions of readers. All you have to do to be published through Kobo is describe your eBook, upload your manuscript, choose your content rights (where to sell), set your eBook’s price, and then publish!

All of these sites are great tools to sell books using online retailers. If you are new to publishing, visit each site and explore the options they give you as a writer. What is your favorite way to sell books using online book retailers? Let us know!

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Sell Books Using Online Book Retailers