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Should I Write A Book?

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Write A Book

If you have felt the calling to write a book, consider yourself one of the fortunate many. Writing a book is a story in and of itself. It’s filled with magic, mystery, intrigue, conflict, resolution and ultimately satisfaction. Still not sure if that’s for you? Let’s break down each of these magnificent components and I guarantee you will find your answer to whether you should write a book.

Should I Write A Book?

Magic – “I don’t believe in magic” you might be thinking. First of all, the idea that 26 letters makes up all of the books that have been written or will ever be written is in and of itself pure magic. Second, the chosen ones (as I like to call us) who have felt the calling to write always end up in a position to write, whether it is sought out or not. It’s like the universe is demanding our thoughts to be preserved for eternity. MAGIC!

Mystery – Why me? What would I even have to say? Writers spend countless hours swirling these questions around in our heads. Perhaps we will never receive the answer to why me, but if you allow yourself to heed your call and just write, what you are meant to say will divulge itself in time, usually in the most mysterious of ways.

Intrigue – Once your idea has manifested itself to you, you are nearly compelled to see it through. Curiosity takes hold and won’t let go until you learn more about this swirling mess of ideas floating through your brain. You have to find out what happens not only in your book, but what will happen in your life if you actually follow through and write a book.

Conflict – Oh the conflict. It will take on many forms. From wondering if you should write or sleep to fighting with your self esteem as it tries to convince you that you just aren’t good enough. (Let me help with that one, you are and always will be good enough.)

Resolution – When you finally relent and admit that you have no other choice but to write a book, regardless of how much (or little) of it you have written, you are already almost finished. Peace washes over you and it’s almost like you are on autopilot. There are times when you will wonder where it is all coming from because it doesn’t even feel like it’s coming from you.

Satisfaction – It’s over. It’s done. Your book is written. You can now call yourself a writer. Imagine that for a moment. Soak that feeling in. How delicious does that feel? How high are you flying? For a writer, seeing your book come to life is the ultimate satisfaction.

I think we both know the answer to that initial question, should I write a book? You felt compelled or were led to this post by some unseen force. To write a book is in your future and the sooner you get started the sooner you reach that point of satisfaction. Today is as good a day as any so pick up your pen and let the magic flow.

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