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The Life Of A Writer – 2012 in rewind…Giving thanks and goals for 2013

by | Jan 6, 2013 | Tips For Writers

When I first started thinking about writing this blog post, my first thought was, “2012 was a pretty low key year for me.” But as I thought about all of the wonderful things that happened, I was reminded of some of the goals I was able to accomplish and I want to extend a thank you to everyone who assisted me in attaining these goals.

In the beginning of 2012, I was invited by Reginald Grigsby to John Hope College Preparatory on the south side of Chicago to present my Youth Empowerment Workshop. This was such an amazing and rewarding experience. I went into it thinking that I was going to be the one doing the enlightening, but happily the young men in the program did the same for me. These young men impressed me immensely with their achievements and their drive and I am very blessed to have gotten the chance to meet them.

The very same day, WCIU news came out to feature my workshop and to give exposure to Pull Your Pants Up co-written by Bernice Harris (my mom). It was my first time being featured in this manner and I am so grateful to videographer/photographer Dartise Johnson for recommending me for this segment. Television is a whole new ball game and I so greatly appreciate Dartise for always thinking of me. I am especially grateful that I’ve been able to help my seventy six year old mother achieve two of her lifelong goals. One of having a published book and secondly to get her book featured on a news segment. I cried when I watched the segment air, I was so happy for her (us).

In July, I accomplished a dream I’d been working on for over ten years. I moved to Georgia. By the time I got all of my furniture moved and set up, I was on a plane to LA where I was invited to present my Marketing and Publicity for the author workshop at the Los Angeles Black Book Expo. I spoke to a group of aspiring writers about my journey as a writer. It was an amazing experience as well!

I thought I was finally about to settle in at home, but my son (who I don’t brag on enough) had two business meetings set up in L.A. in regards to his music career. So back to L.A. I went to accompany him to his meetings. These are huge opportunities that will hopefully take blossom in 2013. I am so proud of how incredibly driven my son is. He doesn’t allow anything to sidetrack him from his goal of being a well known music producer and I love that about him! He’s passionate! He’s still my baby in so many ways, but he has definitely matured into a businessman. I have no doubt that his future is bright.

A few months later, I was asked by Rotarian President Danny Graham to be apart of the Rotary Club’s Peace Summit in Chicago where our book Pull Your Pants Up was featured as a possible aid in assisting young men in Chicago. Again, another experience I thoroughly enjoyed because it was giving young men in Chicago possible solutions to the increasing gang violence. This was the Rotary Club’s first summit, but with continued dialogue and action I’m sure they’ll make even greater strides.

Somewhere around the end of the year, I refocused and drew my attention back to my upcoming novel Rules of the Game. This was in part to two special people in my life, my mom (who encourages me) and my other half who gives me inspiration and always shows me a ton of support. Another thanks to all my friends who showed support throughout the year.

I’d say I had a pretty awesome year! And I have a strong feeling that 2013 has a lot in store. I have a lot of ideas that I will be implementing over the next few months. The first being my YouTube channel that relaunched today. So, I’d really like to thank each of you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my ramblings. I am grateful to you and I hope that I can continue to share pieces of my journey with you in 2013.

Have you reflected on 2012? Please share in the comment section below.