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Using a Plot Twist to Make Your Story Better

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Tips For Writers

Using A Plot Twist To Make Your Story Better

So, how many of you have been reading a book and enjoying the plot when all of a sudden, BAM, you are hit with a major plot twist that completely alters the plot of the story. It’s a pretty great experience, isn’t it? I think so. One great example (don’t worry, no spoilers) is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. All I will say, is this book starts one way and after a huge plot twist, ends in a completely unforeseen way. Everyone was shocked when they read Gone Girl, and that’s what you should strive for.

How to Create a Great Plot Twist

When you are going to use a plot twist in your writing, you have to set it up ahead of time. The first thing you want to do is eliminate any endings that are obvious. Think of all the possible endings you would guess for your story, and then throw them out of the equation. You want to focus on the endings that no one could ever think of. Keep eliminating the obvious endings to your story and you are already half way there. The next thing you want to do in your writing is redirect. Like any good magician, redirection is key in putting on a good show. You are the magician of your novel and it is up to you to create a “wow-ing” performance for your readers. Give your readers very subtle hints at your upcoming plot twist, but also give hints as to how it could be a completely different twist. That way, when they eventually read up to your jaw-dropping plot twist, they will be surprised but excited because of your clues and redirection. They thought one thing but you redirected them into thinking another. You are truly the magician of your plot twist.

Using plot twists to make your story better is a great technique. It adds a sense of awe and excitement to your novel that wouldn’t have been there with a linear path. If you ever need advice or help creating your perfect plot twist, contact me at my website Write One Publications and we can get to work!

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Using A Plot Twist To Make Your Story Better