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Top 10 Websites For Authors Writing Their First Book

by | May 27, 2021 | The Writer's Tool Box, Videos For Writers

From publishing to grammar and even social media apps here are the top 10 websites for authors.  Bookmark these websites for authors if you’re writing your first book.

  1. Google http://google.com (Calendar, Search, Software) 

First up is a website that has multiple uses for the first-time writer. Google is most known for being a search engine which is super useful for writers as you can use Google to research your book’s subject matter, your target audience, writing, publishing, marketing, and so much more. 

But this website goes beyond there to offer you a free writing software Google Docs to write your manuscript. If you’d like to learn more about writing your book using their software, check out my video I’ve linked in the description box.  Google Docs also has a calendar to help you stay on track with your writing schedule. So, this one website offers you a calendar, writing software, and a research tool. 

2. Writer’s Digest https://www.writersdigest.com (Education) 

Next up is a leader in the publishing industry. As a first-time writer, you’ll need to know the fundamentals of writing to get started. Writer’s Digest is the website for all writers whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Not only will this website provide tips on how to improve your writing, but it’ll also keep you informed on what’s happening within the publishing industry. 

3. Quick and Dirty Tips https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl (Education) 

One of the common challenges I hear from first-time writers is that they just aren’t proficient in grammar. Well, Quick and Dirty Tips by Grammar Girl offers both a website and podcast where you can get refreshers on the grammar rules and word choice guidelines to help you improve your writing skills. 

4. Amazon http://amazon.com (Research, Publishing) 

Another multi-use website is Amazon. You’ll get a lot of use out of this website as this is where you’ll do your research on everything from target audience to titles to book covers. But you’ll also use Amazon to publish your book. As one of the largest book retailers on the Internet, Amazon is a great publishing platform for first-time writers with its simple to use interface. To learn more about publishing your book on Amazon, make sure to check out the description box. 

websites for authors

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5. YouTube http://youtube.com (Research, Education) 

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, because you’re on this website right now. But YouTube is a great website for first-time writers. Not only can you find creators such as myself that provide content on how to write your first book, but you can also research your book’s subject matter. Say, for example, your book is about investing, you can subscribe to channels that focus on investing to get chapter ideas and to read the comments to see what questions your target audience has about the subject matter. 

6. Canva http://canva.com (Tool) 

If you’re writing a book, you undoubtedly will need to market your book and since most of us aren’t graphic designers as well, Canva is a great tool as they provide templates to help you get started. Their website proudly boasts that they have templates for absolutely anything. From Facebook to book covers they’ve got you covered. 

7. Social media platform of your choice (YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) 

This next website is not one website, but more like your website of choice. Every first-time writer needs at least one social media platform to grow their audience. For me that platform is YouTube, but for you depending on your book’s topic and where your target audience gathers that website could be Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Tik Tok.  

8. Planoly http://planoly.com (Tool) 

Once you have the social media platform of your choice, you’ll want to regularly connect with your audience. One such way to remain consistent is to use a scheduler that allows you to schedule your posts in advance. Planoly is that tool. They allow you to plan, manage, and schedule your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter posts. 

9. Grammarly http://grammarly.com (Tool) 

We talked about grammar earlier in the video, but this tool will allow you to get grammar suggestions on what you’ve written. Grammarly is a tool that you can write in or you can copy and paste your existing work and get suggestions on how to improve your writing. But beyond grammar, Grammarly helps you eliminate errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. 

10. Wattpad http://wattpad.com (Community) 

Now let’s talk about community. As a writer, you need to have a place you go where others share your interest in writing. Wattpad connects a global community of 90 million readers and writers through the power of story. They also offer ways to get discovered with Wattpad Studios and more. 

This comprehensive list of 10 websites for authors will help you to make progress on your writing journey. To learn the 7 best apps, check out my previous video.

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