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What Does ISBN Stand For?

by | Mar 12, 2014 | The Writer's Tool Box



What does ISBN stand for? There is a lot of confusion about what an ISBN is. Every print book that’s sold in a store or shelved in a library has to have an ISBN and barcode. ISBN stands for the International Standard Book Number. This registration system of ISBN run by Bowker extends to over one hundred countries around the globe. If you desire to provide your book an identity you can buy your own ISBN from Bowker or from an authorized ISBN agency.

What does ISBN stand for?

You must understand that the ISBN is a basic way for publishers and self publishers to manage their book’s metadata and to get discovered by stores and libraries. You must have an ISBN if you are going to sell your book through retailers, bookstores, or online storefronts and there are no exceptions.

Many self publishers know that an ISBN is an essential number within the book industry. You may have seen two versions of ISBN; the ISBN 10 and the ISBN 13.

Beside three more digits, what’s the difference? In 2007, Bowker felt that they would soon use up the all mathematical possibilities of the 10 digit format. The solution was obviously increase the format to incorporate more digits. Now newly published books will show only the ISBN-13.

What does ISBN stand for? An ISBN provides your book credibility to others. Apart from this, the absence of ISBN is one way that others can determine that your book is not published by a traditional mainstream publisher. Buying an ISBN for your book places it in the worldwide list of published books.

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