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What Should Your Book’s Word Count Be?

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Tips For Writers

What Should Your Novel’s Word Count Be?

When you first begin your journey to becoming a published author, one of the first things you will probably ask yourself is, “What should my word count be?” Choosing the length of your book is an important part of the writing process. The word count is going to determine quite a few things about your book, and knowing how long it will be can help you in your future marketing process.

Word Count: Is less really more?


A lot of things can help you determine what your word count should be. Are you going to write an eBook or a print book? What genre are you writing in? Are you writing a fiction novel or a non-fiction novel? All of these things have to be considered when thinking about what your word count will end up being. eBooks tend to be shorter while print books have greater word counts. By thinking about your genre and your target audience, you can decide which would work better for your sales and, thereby, you can discover what word count would be ideal for your book. eBooks are beneficial for newbie writers because you can break down your story into smaller segments, spreading out your ideas over a couple of books rather than one large one. This is also an inexpensive alternative if you are just starting out in the writing world.

What is the best word count for a newbie writer?


Most of you reading this blog are newbie writers and you are all just starting off on this journey toward publication. For you, eBooks with a shorter word count may be the way to go. A shorter word count can give you a chance to test your audience and see what responses you receive. With this shorter read, your readers can quickly download your book and leave a fast review for others to see. A shorter word count can actually help get you a larger audience in the long run!

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What Should Your Novel’s Word Count Be?