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How To Write A Book Online With The Best Resources Available

by | May 8, 2014 | Write A Book

How To Write A Book Online

Any form of writing, whether it is a novel, an eBook or a piece of non-fiction work, is not any easy task if you are very much particular about getting the end result spot on. If you take a look back in history, plenty of time and effort were invested towards planning, organizing and researching some of the best-selling books that went on to sell millions of copies. So if you are a budding writer who is all set to write a book online and explode onto the global platform, you should consider arming yourself with the essential and creative resources that can help make your job all the more easy.

Discover the writer in you: How to write a book online

Online resources that can help writers immensely

Nowadays, the majority of up and coming writers prefer to publish their work online as it gives them better visibility in terms of the number of potential readers who can be reached. Hence, the traditional route of submitting your completed manuscript to multiple book publishers and waiting for several months to hear a reply from them is beginning to lose its steam among modern day writers. When you have made up your mind to write a book online, you can make use of the following free as well as paid resources to reduce your writing burden.

Authonomy is the brainchild of editors at Harper Collins. This site is dedicated to writers looking to connect with other writers, readers and publishers. Authonomy is for unpublished and self-published writers looking to flesh out their book ideas. The only requirement is that you make at least 10,000 words available to their community. Visitors of their site can then rate and comment on your submission and recommend your writing to the Authonomy community and beyond.

Wattpad is an online resource where you can read, write and share stories.  The awesome part about this site is that you can read or write on any device from phone to tablet to computer. That means no matter where the inspiration hits, you are able to explore and expand your creative ideas! Wattpad is also very much a social media site, so not only can you write a book online but also you can share your writing with readers and get immediate feedback. Wattpad is great for talking directly to your target audience and learning exactly what they love about your writing. Wattpad is a blessing in disguise for anyone who is keen to write a book online because there are readers of every genre waiting to discover your book.

Mindmeister – Writing a book involves plenty of mind mapping and brainstorming so that you can come up with creative inputs, thoughts and ideas. With the help of Mindmeister, you can ensure that all your ideas and thoughts are consolidated under a single roof so that you don’t lose track of them. If you want to plot timelines that run through your book’s plot, you can make use of another useful application called Timeglider.

As with any site where you are sharing your writing online, I encourage you to read their terms and conditions thoroughly!

Once you have started writing your book, it is very much advisable to save your progress in Google Docs on a daily basis using online word processing software. The major benefit of using online storage is the fact that you can readily access your work from anywhere in the world even while traveling as long as you have access to the Internet. Of course you still want a back up copy on your computer and an external drive if possible!

After you write a book online, it’s time to publish!

If you are done with the final manuscript of the book and are ready to publish it, you need to look for a reliable online publishing portal that has a large number of members. Some of the best options that you can rely on include the likes of Amazon’s CreateSpace and Lulu. These online publishing services can help secure an ISBN for your book and lay the foundation for you to publicize it in the best manner possible. So now, if somebody comes up to you and says that you have to go through a David vs. Goliath situation to write a book online, you know exactly how to reply! Which site are you considering to write a book online? Please share in the comment section below.

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