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Write A Book With Me – The Steps For Writing A Digital Product

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Blog

Write a book with me! In this video, I will take you along on the journey of writing a digital product (an eBook) and show you all of the steps that are involved in the process.

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Video Transcript for Write A Book With Me!

write a book with me

Hi, aspiring writers! Writing Coach Stefanie Newell and this is The Life of A Writer channel. Today’s video I want to take you through the process of writing a book with me.

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So in today’s video, I’m going to be creating a digital product. And a digital product is a product in digital form such as an eBook. So to be clear, there are Kindle books and those books are sold on Amazon and then there are eBooks that you can sell through your website or another platform for selling digital products.

So these eBooks are usually smaller in size and usually deal with a very specific subject matter.

Now to be clear the process for writing an eBook is very similar to writing a physical book or an Amazon Kindle eBook. However, because an eBook is usually short in nature it is a much quicker to produce. 

So the eBook I’m creating is called How To Find The Target Audience For Your Book. I’m creating this eBook because based on questions, comments, and emails I’ve received from my own target audience I’ve learned that this is an area where first time writers need more in-depth information.

I’m also creating this eBook because this is one of the most important steps that I find that first-time authors often skip. And they usually skip this step either because they don’t understand how vital it is to the success of their book and then later end up not selling very many copies of their book. Or they don’t understand exactly how to identify the target audience for their book and just don’t.

So by reading my eBook you’ll learn how to:

• Determine your book’s target audience
• Write a book that meets and/or exceeds the expectations of your target audience
• Use your target audience to market your book
• Use your target audience to improve your social media posts
• Create a customer avatar and much more!

So with the help of my eBook you’ll be able to perform step #1.

Step #1 – Determine your target audience

And Step #1 is determining the target audience for your book. I’ve already done this step and have determined my target audience to be:

Between 25 and 50 years old, computer/internet and social media savvy, and interested in writing their first book.

Again through reading my eBook you’ll learn exactly how I came to this target audience.

Step #2 – Research

Step #2 is to do the research. So I have a very simplistic process that I’ve used to do the research for my books and if you want to see my entire process you can do so in my eBook How To Do Research and Write Faster. But for the sake of this video, I began my research by referring to any questions or emails I’ve received on the subject matter of target audience and then I also did research on Google to see what questions, articles, and blog posts people were asking around the subject matter.

Write A Book With Me! – Step #3 – Outline

I compiled the most common questions and then used that research to take me to Step #3 which is to outline. It’s in this step that you would also determine your book’s genre, proposed word count, proposed first draft date, and publish date.

For this eBook I proposed 6,000 words and I started writing my book on March 31st and had a proposed completion date of April 10th. If you’re interested in either of my outline templates for fiction or non-fiction books, make sure to check out my video course where I share my templates.

Now the goal of your outline is to answer your target audience’s most asked questions, address their pain points and to put all of this in a logical order so that your audience can gain the most value from your book.

Step #4 – Write

Step #4 is to write. So I took my outline and expounded on each of the bullet points until I had a completed first draft. As I stated earlier I started writing this eBook on March 31st, my proposed date for completing my first draft was April 10th, however, because I had such a concise outline and was very clear on the subject matter I was writing about, I was able to complete my first draft on April 2nd.

Step #5 – Step away

Step #5 step away. This essentially means that I stepped away from my manuscript for a few days so that I could come back to it with fresh eyes and make improvements. Often times when you’ve looked at your manuscript for days on ends, you won’t see that the mistakes you’ve made, the wordiness of a sentence or a paragraph or how you can expound on a subject matter. So I stepped away from my manuscript for 5 days and then sat down and reread it and made improvements.

Step #6 – Edit

Step #6 is to edit your eBook. So it’s in this step that you can get a professional editor and if you were publishing a physical book or a book for Amazon Kindle I would strongly recommend that you hire an editor, but because this is a smaller eBook, I relied on Microsoft Word’s spell checker and Grammarly.

Write A Book With Me! – Step #7 – Format

Step #7 is to format your eBook. For formatting, I use iBooks to create my eBooks. I like this software because it helps you to create a professional-looking product and it’s very simple to use.

Step #8 – Create a book cover

Step #8 is to create a book cover. I purchased a stock photo that I felt best represented the book’s subject matter and used Canva to create a simple book cover. As I stated earlier as it related to the editing, if this were a physical book or a Kindle book, I would have definitely gotten a professional book cover design. But because this is an eBook that I’ll be selling exclusively through my own website, this book cover design will do.

Step #9 – Market

Step #9 is to market. Now there are several ways to market a book. I will be marketing my book through my email newsletter list, Instagram and through this video itself.

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