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How Writing A Book Can Advance Your Career

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Personal Development, Videos For Writers, Write A Book

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Are you a professional looking to advance your career by writing a book? Author Stefanie Newell is interviewed by Eric B. Horn and shares exactly how writing a book can advance your career and create numerous opportunities (i.e., speaking, consulting, etc.) She answers the following questions as it relates to advancing your career: How can writing a book in your area of expertise separate you from your competitors? What should people expect when writing their first book? Is blogging recommended to keep writing momentum?

This interview is especially useful for non-fiction writers who have considered writing a book for their audience and unsure whether this is the best move professionally.

Highlights For Non-Fiction Writers Considering Writing A Book

– Have realistic expectations of how long the writing process will take, what you will accomplish from a writing a book, and what opportunities will arise.

– Consider blogging as a way to keep writing momentum, finding your voice, and determining what your audience wants from you while writing a book.

– Provide value to your audience in advance of writing a book. Establish that you are an expert with credible information.

– Market to them consistently while writing your manuscript.

– Discover the areas that your competitors aren’t covering and fill in the gap when writing your book.

– Writing a book will establish you as an authority.

How Writing A Book Can Advance Your Career (Interview w/Stefanie Newell)


Do you have any additional questions on how writing a book can help you to advance your career? Please share in the comment section below.

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How Writing A Book Can Advance Your Career