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Writing Apps 2020

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Blog

Best writing apps 2020! These writing apps will help you to make money, save time, improve your grammar, and more! In this video, I share five apps for writers. Perfect no matter your genre.

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Video Transcript for Writing Apps 2020

Hi, aspiring writer! Writing Coach Stefanie Newell and this is The Life of A Writer channel. In this week’s video, I’ll be sharing five writing apps that will help you to make money, save time, improve your grammar and more!

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Writing apps are essential tools for writers. They allow you to do difficult or time-consuming tasks with ease. So I often spotlight the best apps for writers to help you to be more productive and write faster. 

If you haven’t seen my earlier videos make sure you check out the description box below.

Writing Apps 2020 – Upwork for Freelancer

Otherwise let’s jump right into it with the first app, which is Upwork for Freelancer. Upwork is perfect for writers that are looking for freelance opportunities. Whether you’re looking for opportunities to make money blogging, ghostwriting, writing articles, or editing, there are numerous freelancing positions to apply for. 

The key to success on this app is to be professional, exceptional at your craft, and consistent.

This app is a great way to make supplementary income, grow your clients, and build your portfolio.

I have used the online version and have been pleased with getting help on my own freelance projects and being hired as a writing coach. 

Once you visit the app, you’ll see that the projects aren’t just limited to writing.

Writing Apps – Writer

The next app is Writer. Now, this app allows you to type, record, and take photos all within the app.

This app is going to be perfect for writers who might have very busy lives and are unable to always sit down to a computer. They can instead use this app to keep all of their notes, thoughts, pictures, and research all in one place.

Now, of course, it’s important to remember that because this is an app, it won’t be ideal for writing your entire book because you’ll be typing on your phone.

But I do think it can be useful when you have bursts of inspiration that you want to capture throughout your day.


Next up is Bookly. Bookly was shared with me by one of my Instagram followers and she really loved this app because she said it was helping her to become a better reader.

Bookly is perfect if you are developing a new reading habit or looking to track your reading in real-time, manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time.


Next up is Bitly. Bitly is a link management platform.  I currently use the free online version and was recently made aware of the app version, and wanted to tell you about it because it’s just so helpful.

Bitly allows you to shorten and brand your links to increase clicks and to track engagement.

So you know how you may have those really long links with numbers and symbols? Bitly allows you to customize your link and track the number of hits the link receives.

In other words, you can receive data on which links are driving traffic.

I sometimes customize my links to include the platform I’m linking from. So for example, if I were including a link to my book from my Instagram page it would look like this: 

And this gives me another layer of data when I can track the platform bringing in the most clicks.

Writing Apps 2020 – Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard

This next app… I’ve discussed the online version in the past, but they also have an app and that’s Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard. Grammarly helps you to type with ease. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or a Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence.

This app is perfect for anyone who needs a refresher on grammar as Grammarly checks the text you type while using it.

Jump down in the comment section and let me know which app you plan on trying.

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