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10 Easy Ways Your iPhone Helps While Writing Your Book

by | Sep 26, 2023 | The Writer's Tool Box, Videos For Writers

As writers, our iPhones are more than just smartphones; they’re powerful tools that can enhance our writing process in countless ways. Whether you’re penning your first novel or drafting a compelling essay, the device in your pocket holds the potential to streamline your workflow, spark creativity, and keep you organized.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 simple yet ingenious ways to leverage your iPhone to its full potential while writing your book. From harnessing voice memos for on-the-go inspiration to syncing your drafts with cloud storage, you’ll discover how to make your iPhone an invaluable companion on your literary journey.

iPhone Functions To Use While Writing Your Book

  • Voice Recording: Use the Voice Memo app to record your ideas when inspiration strikes, allowing you to capture thoughts on the go.
  • Notes: Utilize the built-in Notes app to jot down ideas for later use.
  • Dictation: Take advantage of the dictation feature in various apps to quickly draft sections of your book by speaking rather than typing.
  • Writing Apps: Download writing apps to work on your manuscript seamlessly across devices, synchronizing your progress.
  • Safari: Use Safari or other research apps to look up information, gather references, and fact-check while away from your desk.
  • E-Book Reading: Read e-books on your iPhone to study writing styles, genres, and gain inspiration from other authors’ work.
  • Managing Time and Writing Goals: Use productivity apps like Trello or Todoist to set writing goals, manage your writing schedule, and track progress.
  • Social Media: Connect with fellow writers, share your progress, and engage with readers on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.
  • Email Drafts for Feedback: Draft emails with chapters or questions for beta readers or writing groups, seeking feedback directly on your iPhone.
  • Collaboration on the Go: If co-writing, use cloud-based collaboration tools like Google Docs to write and edit simultaneously with other authors.

Incorporate these 10 iPhone tips into your writing routine, and you’ll find that your iPhone becomes a reliable companion on your writing journey. So, whether you’re brainstorming your next plot twist, capturing a sudden burst of inspiration, or polishing your final draft, your iPhone can help.

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