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5 Valuable Tips For Writing – Questions That Every Writer Has Asked

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Writing Tips | 7 comments

5 Valuable Tips For Writing - Questions That Every Writer Has Asked

Here’s an interview I did last year where I shared 5 valuable tips for writing. The person who interviewed me never posted my answers because I feel he was angling for a negative response. That’s not my style! So I’m posting the interview and sharing them as 5 valuable tips for writing.  I’m pretty sure at least a few of these questions have crossed your mind as a writer and hopefully my answers will inspire you to keep writing!

5 Valuable Tips For Writing

When is the best time to think about giving up as a writer?

If writing is your passion, then I don’t believe you should ever give up. Of course, as writers we all have different goals. Everyone doesn’t aspire to be J. K. Rowling. Some people will write as a hobby, while others will pursue their writing through a blog, and there are some that will want to be well known authors. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong when it comes to writing goals, but if writing is your passion, keep with it!

How do you really know if you have talent or if you’re just wasting your time?

For some, like myself, you will realize very early on that you have talent. While others may happen upon writing. The key to knowing whether you have talent is gauging how people receive your work. As writers, we all have room to grow, so criticism shouldn’t be the end all be all. Also, it’s important to note, that writing is a lot of hard work. To go from a blank piece of paper to 80,000 words is a huge accomplishment. Aspiring writers should know the dedication and the time that it requires to not only complete a book, but a book worth reading.

How do you balance being a writer and doing your day job?

When I first started writing, I wrote whenever I had time. I wrote my first book, while working a full time job, being a mother and going to school. I wrote on my lunch break. I wrote sometimes until two in the morning and then woke up four hours later to go to work. If something is important enough, you’ll make time for it. Now that writing is my full-time career, I write all of the time. I find that varying the type of writing I do keeps it from becoming monotonous.

How do you beat procrastination?

Procrastination is not a problem for me, but I do deal with writers block from time to time. When I experience writers block, (which I must say will probably happen to most writers during their career), I just wait until the inspiration hits me again. I don’t pressure myself to write and that has worked well for me. During those times when I do have writers block, I usually take that time to better a chapter, do some edits, or brainstorm ideas.

How do you make your writing different than anyone else?

I believe we all have unique voices as writers. I write from my unique perspective based on my life experiences and I try to put a unique twist on what has already been written about many times before.

How would you answer these questions? What 5 valuable tips for writing would you share? Please share in the comment section below.

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5 Valuable Tips For Writing - Questions That Every Writer Has Asked


  1. Bernij

    Great answers! Those first two question do kind of sound like he was trying to lead you to give negative responses. For my answer to the first question, I would say the only reason ever to give up writing is if you don't enjoy it. I stopped for years, and now that I'm doing it again, I'm not sure why I ever gave it up. Glad I stumbled upon your site, and keep up the positivity. 🙂

    • Stefanie

      Yes, I felt his questions was his way of getting me to say that people should give up on their dream. Who am I to tell someone to do that? Thanks for stopping by!Sent from my iPhone

  2. Lisa

    great interview. I sometimes wonder when do give up. but i agree with your response. I think that when you have something is a passion… just pursue it.

    • Stefanie

      In my opinion giving up is a personal decision. Thanks for stopping by.Sent from my iPhone

  3. Stefanie

    Lol. Thanks there's a contact page at the top of the blog!Sent from my iPhone

  4. sowingmercy

    Great post. I like the ideas about writing when you have time, and waiting when the inspiration flags. Just wait. It will come back again. I work full time as a legal secretary and have been carting kids back and forth to college for eight years. (One more year to go). Sometimes, I am just too tired to write. But then something hits me, and I write on.

    • Stefanie

      That's awesome! Keep at it, you'll get it done.Sent from my iPhone