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Amazon SEO – Understand Amazon Keywords & Categories

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Book Marketing, Videos For Writers | 5 comments

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If you are an author who has a book on Amazon, understanding keywords and categories will be essential to your success. Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) is the act of choosing the correct keywords and categories to ensure your book gets the most exposure. It also ensures that you reach your target audience. Choosing incorrect keywords and/or categories can be the difference in you selling one or two copies a month to selling hundreds of copies a day. This video will share best practices for Amazon SEO keywords and categories.

How To Maximize Exposure With Amazon SEO

Whether you are publishing a print book or an eBook on the Kindle side, Amazon SEO will be important for you to learn. Amazon allows authors two categories and five keywords for print books and two categories and seven keywords for Kindle. This is why authors should take this step seriously. Amazon is one of the biggest book retailers and sometimes the first place book readers shop. Keywords and categories will help you to find your readers amongst their vast customer base!

Because we all search for books in different ways on the Internet having a choice of keywords is important. So don’t just stop at the keywords Amazon SEO allows, but instead choose many. In the event that your keywords stop working as well for you, you can go into your archive of keywords and refresh them and get exposure to a whole new audience. The same goes for your categories!

If this all sounds too complicated for you, I understand. Contact me and I will do the Amazon SEO research for you and provide you with the best keywords and categories for your book.

Amazon Keywords & Categories - Understand Amazon SEO

Do you have any additional questions about Amazon SEO? Please share in the comment section below.

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Amazon Keywords & Categories - Understand Amazon SEO


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    Hmmm.. I never knew about amazon seo but I'll dig this out for more information

  2. jgeoghan

    I'm about to publish the fifth and final book in my series on Amazon. I think I'll go back and tweak my categories based on your post. I'm still not sure about my key words though. Although I can see the categories of the best selling books similar to mine, I don't seem to see what key words they're using. Is there anywhere on Amazon you can see what key words are most popular?

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