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Audio Book Promotions – 6 Ways To Get Your Audiobook Exposure!

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Book Promotion | 1 comment

Audio Book Promotions - 6 Ways To Get Your AudioBook Exposure!

Many people choose the option of listening to audiobooks while commuting, working out or doing chores. Whether you have chosen to publish audiobooks solely or in addition to your print or digital book version, there are numerous ways to inform potential readers of your work. Audio book promotions is the best way to go from obscurity to a platform of targeted buyers. Here are six ways you can effectively get the word out about your audiobook and increase downloads.

Ideas For Audio Book Promotions


Audio Samples

Create several snippets of your audiobook for listeners to preview. These samples should just be audio, not video. Giving the consumer a new way to enjoy your book will open a market for those readers who have chosen audiobooks as an alternative way to pass free time. These audio samples should be a good representation of your book. It should create interest and spark a desire to hear more. A narrator who uses dramatic voices and inflection while reading will draw listeners in.

Social Media

Social media can also be useful for audio book promotions. Upload samples of your audiobook to any social media platform that allows you to post audio. This would include platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Vine.  If you regularly upload snippets of your audiobook it will also be a great way to get readers to subscribe to your social media pages and increase engagement.


It doesn’t have to be all about the snippet! Create a podcast where you talk about the behind the scenes aspect of creating your audiobook. Explain how you created your characters if fiction, or your motivation behind your book if non-fiction. Of course you can also include samples of your audiobook during the podcast, but the idea is to also talk about your writing process and allow readers to get to know you as an author. In the months prior to the release of the audiobook version, release episodes periodically. This will help you create buzz and a following.

Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio is another great way to promote your audiobook as you already have an audience of people “listening” in.

Appear on Blog Talk shows that cater to your book’s subject matter. Provide snippets the radio host can play during the interview to showcase the quality of your audiobook and to give the listening audience an idea of what your book is about.


Blogs are another audio book promotions technique. If you do not have a blog or a substantial following, you can allow bloggers who have the same targeted readership to become an affiliate for your audiobook. You can also provide the blogger a review copy and request for them to share their opinion of your book via their blog. In addition, you could also run a promotion to offer one free chapter of your book to their readers. This could be a great way to give people a chance to get interested in your audiobook and discover your writing.

Book Trailers

This is where you lead with the video! Create an attention grabbing book trailer that brings to life the important parts of your book. Give listeners the video version of your book in your short trailer. Remember you only have two minutes to capture the reader’s attention! This will help you to be concise and get straight to the point. You’ve seen the videos that go viral. What elements do they have?

When choosing audio book promotions be open to various tools. Tap all of the resources you can. Having a narrator bring your words to life creates a new way for your target audience to receive your book. For those readers who are unable to fit reading a book into an already busy schedule, audiobooks are a great alternative. If done correctly, your audio book promotions can expand your reach and reap you great rewards.

What do you think of the audio book promotions shared above? What audio book promotions have been useful to you? Please share in the comment section below.

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Audio Book Promotions - 6 Ways To Get Your Audiobook Exposure!

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