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Book Marketing And Sales – The #1 reason why your book isn’t selling!

by | Apr 28, 2013 | Book Marketing | 2 comments

Book Marketing And Sales - The #1 reason why your book isn't selling!

I belong to several online groups, nings, forums, and Facebook fan pages for writers. In the last few days I have seen quite a few pleas from writers asking for feedback on book marketing and sales. These are author’s working tirelessly to market their books and are confused as to why their books aren’t selling. In this article I will provide you with the #1 reason why your book isn’t selling and four secrets to boost your book marketing and sales.

Book Marketing And Sales – The Engagement Factor

On the surface, all of the writers are doing the right things to market themselves. They’re using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, some may even be blogging. But for some reason, its still not converting into sales and they are pleading with other writers to share why their books aren’t successful.

I usually join in on the conversation and I try to offer the simplest advise I can – engage your audience.

“Wait, what?!? Engage my audience? What does that mean? Can someone give me some REAL book marketing and sales advice?”

Once I share that they need to engage their audience, most are really receptive but there are a few who I get the sense are looking for a more PROFOUND answer. Like what I’ve offered is not good enough.

Have you wondered why your book isn’t selling? Why visitors are coming to your website, but its not converting into sales?

The #1 reason why an author’s book isn’t selling (assuming they have a well written book) is they’re not engaging their audience.

Let’s go back for a minute…

Let’s go to the beginning of your writing process.

When you began your manuscript, I’m assuming the last thing on your mind was book marketing and sales. You had plot issues, character development, and dialogue to work out. If you did give some thought to book marketing, you probably didn’t think it would require hours and hours of your time.

If you’re traditionally published, its very likely you thought, “My publisher will handle that!” And now maybe you’re realizing, “I’m going to need to jump in here and help market my book too! But this is difficult! How do I do it?”

Let’s face it, as writers – we want to write! To hell with book marketing!

If I could get back to the days of just writing, do you know how much time I would have to crank out bestsellers? But the fact of the matter is there is no quick fix for book marketing and sales. I repeat – there’s no magic pill.

I take an hour out of my day to write blog posts to engage the readers of my blog. A few hours on Facebook and Twitter, again engaging. I head over to other people’s blogs, nings, forums and online groups to engage and offer advice. I can wholeheartedly tell you once you’ve engaged your target audience on a level beyond marketing (you will market too) your sales will start to increase. Now that’s the simple answer. Engage your audience. The long answer is found in my eBook Marketing and Publicity for the author.

Every writer, I don’t care if you are a new author, established author, a self-published author or a traditionally published author, NEEDS to know how to market their title on some level.

Unless of course…you’re Stephenie Meyer or J.K. Rowling status. And even then, it wouldn’t hurt! In the meantime here are four secrets to help you engage with your core audience.

Book Marketing And Sales  – 4 Secrets To Selling Books


– Build rapport with your audience by establishing yourself as an authority.
– Have a voice, a unique and authentic voice that resonates with your audience.
– Develop relationships by answering blog posts, Facebook comments, etc.
– Share your experiences with your audience as it relates to your book’s subject matter.

Do you believe that engagement is the key to book marketing and sales? If so what kind of success are you having? Please share in the comment section below.

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Book Marketing And Sales - The #1 reason why your book isn't selling!


  1. Alicia

    Great posts on how to market your book. This was like a mystery to me at one time… I appreciate your open, honest candid feedback….

    • Stefanie

      No problem! Thanks for reading!