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Book Marketing On Facebook – 3 Methods To Boost Exposure

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Book Marketing, Videos For Writers | 1 comment

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Book marketing on Facebook creates a unique opportunity for authors looking to gain maximum exposure for their books. Imagine creating a post that’s shared to your target audience and then liked by a dozen or so of your fans. Your post now pops up in the timelines of your fans and because their friends are also a part of your target audience, they also begin to like, share and comment on your post as well.

Book Marketing On Facebook - 3 Methods To Boost Exposure

Later in the day you glance at your analytics and notice that your one single post has been reached by thousands, and the post has only been live a few hours on Facebook. Now thousands of people who had no knowledge of your book, have now become privy to you and your message. This can and does happen every single day by effectively using book marketing on Facebook.

Essentially one Facebook post has the ability to reach thousands (if not more) when crafted in a way that promotes interest and value for your target audience. Do you see the unique opportunity that book marketing on Facebook presents?

The video I posted above will share ways for authors to effectively begin book marketing on Facebook. While I do encourage you to market your book, I also encourage you to provide value and be conscious of how often and how you market to your target audience.

Remember there is a fine line between book marketing and being spammy! Strive to instead provide consistent value and make an authentic connection with your audience. There are ways to market your book without “marketing your book.” For non-fiction authors you can consistently provide value around your niche, while fiction writers can promote discussion around issues your characters are facing.

I also want to provide a thought about Facebook pages. The “reach” for Facebook pages has greatly decreased. While people voluntarily “like” your page, Facebook still doesn’t show your page to everyone. Encourage people who “like” your page to click “get notifications” to ensure that your posts are showing up in their timelines.

Book Marketing On Facebook

A Few Ways To Effectively Begin Book Marketing On Facebook

Use a combination of the following types of posts to get started book marketing on Facebook:

– Memes
– Motivational posts
– Book trailers
– Polls
– Questions of the day
– Affirmations
– Videos
– Blog posts
– Book snippets
– Posts providing value
– Book review snippets
– Publicity you’ve received
– Upcoming events

How are you effectively book marketing on Facebook? Please share in the comment section below.

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1 Comment

  1. Karen

    Thanks for the video! My problem with groups is this: When I write a FB post to a group, everyone that I am friends with on FB sees it, and then it becomes "spammy" to my friends. I don't know why I can't just post something to another group without everyone seeing it (for example, all my friends would see a post with the heading Karen Scheuer (arrow) children's book group…… – so frustrating! Thanks for the video!