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Book Marketing Techniques – Easy Book Marketing Techniques For Writers

by | Feb 17, 2013 | Book Marketing | 2 comments

Book Marketing Techniques - Easy Book Marketing Techniques For Writers

If the book marketing process has left you tired and defeated, I’m going to lighten your load! Here are three book marketing techniques you can implement today that won’t have you working any harder than you already are. These are little known book marketing techniques no one is talking about.

Book Marketing Techniques #1 – Respond To Your Audience

Book marketing is not just for new authors or new books. As a writer you’ll continually market your book to your audience. All that’s required of you is to listen. It’s as simple as that! Listen to what your audience is wanting and expecting from your field of study or genre. As a fiction author have you paid attention to what the book publishing industry is lacking in suspense for instance? What story has never been told? If you are a non-fiction author have you answered your audience’s questions as it relates to your expertise? Have you solved their problems?

When I first started writing this blog, I’d never even thought about presenting the information I share as an eBook. However, I spoke to countless people who wanted to know how to market their books and wanted more information than I was able to share in a blog post. It wasn’t long before I decided to listen! I responded to my audience’s request and authored the eBook Book Marketing Ideas For The Author. It was a very simple book marketing technique that only required me to pay attention and in doing so I answered my audience’s request and filled a void.

Book Marketing Techniques #2 – Be of value!


Book marketing doesn’t have to be a task! Every moment you spend online there are people watching and observing. Readers buy from authors they like and not authors who are constantly selling. Be of value and give people more than what they ask for and you’ll get more in return.

Remember your book marketing techniques don’t have to solely be about your book! It’s just as important that your readers know who you are as person. Switch it up a bit when you’re on social media. If you are a fiction author who writes romance, you can link to a blog post on dating and relationships. The post will relate to your book, be relevant and useful to your audience, and give you a break from always talking about yourself. A non-fiction author can link to a newspaper article and develop conversation around their book’s subject matter while supporting someone else’s work. The easiest book marketing technique you can implement is to just be of value!

Book Marketing Techniques #3 – Be an authority!


Be an expert or an authority on your subject matter! Who doesn’t want to learn what an expert has to say on a subject they’re researching? If Oprah were to release the book How To Be A Successful Business Mogul and you were looking to be a business mogul, would you buy the book? Of course you would! She’s already proven herself to be an expert.

So how do you prove yourself to be an expert you ask? See book marketing technique #2 – be of value!

Share what you’ve learned! Some of which may be in the book you’re writing, but prove to your audience that you know what you’re talking about.

I often get emails from people who’ll say, “I’ve visited a ton of websites on __________ but I’ve gotten the most value from you, can you explain how I would go about _________?”

Why did they come to me? Because I’ve proven myself to be an authority on the subject matter! And when someone has already visited my blog and they later have a question, guess who they’ll ask? And guess who I want them to ask? Me of course!

These three book marketing techniques I’ve shared are easy and implementable today. However, I must warn you that these are book marketing techniques and not magic tricks. These techniques will be a continuous part of your book marketing strategy and it may take a while before you start to reap the benefits. But once you do, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been doing them all along.

How are you responding to the requests of your audience? Share one of your book marketing techniques in the comments section below.

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Book Marketing Techniques - Easy Book Marketing Techniques For Writers


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