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Cost Of Self Publishing – How Much Will It Cost To Self Publish?

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Publishing Costs | 1 comment

Cost Of Self Publishing - How Much Will It Cost To Self Publish?

Like every writer I know, the question that’s buzzing in your head after finishing your first book is, “How much will it cost me to self publish my book?” Well, as you can see, the publishing industry is rapidly going digital. And with this shift, authors do not necessarily have to secure a traditional publishing contract to make it big in the writing world. As a matter of fact, self publishing allows you to retain more rights over your book at the lowest cost possible; and, at the same time, gives you an outlet to traditionally advertise and market your book. That said, what’s the initial cost of self publishing a book?

This article will explain why it’s useful to consider the cost of self publishing very early in the process. As a self publisher there are a lot of costs associated with publishing a book. By creating a self publishing budget you can assess exactly how much it will cost to execute a successful project. As such you can also determine what aspects of your self publishing budget you can handle yourself and what areas you will need to outsource. This article won’t tell you the costs for any of the areas mentioned in the infographic above, as that is dependent on the companies you choose to work with. What this article will do is provide you with a few areas you need to give special attention to while figuring the cost of self publishing. These are the areas you’re going to include in your self publishing budget.

Cost Of Self Publishing – How Much Will it Cost You to Self Publish Your Book?

Developmental editing

Before you think of uploading you book anywhere, or doing anything else with it, you must first get a content development editor. At this point, developmental editors are inevitably the most essential part of self publishing a book. They will help you project the bigger picture of your book to ensure that it actually flows well and is concise.

Copy editing

After your book has gone through a content developer, a copy editor should come next. Actually, a copy editor will help you trace spelling and grammar issues for a final cleanup of your book. And lastly you can follow up with a proofreader to make sure you book is completely polished and ready for print.

Cover design

The cover of your book has a lot to do with the overall perception of the book. In short, the cover of your book is like the first impression your book creates; consequently, it may either attract or ward off a significant number of potential readers.

Getting an ISBN

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is actually recommended for those doing print books, or for those who want to have their books placed in the library. If you are looking to sell your book on Amazon, you will also have an ASIN. For an ISBN, it will cost you $125 to get one ISBN and $250 for ten ISBNs.

Printing and binding cost

Printing and binding cost should no longer be part of your worry when it comes to self publishing a book. With several print-on-demand services like Lightning Source and Create Space, you can be more intentional with the amount of books you order.

Have you considered the cost of self publishing? What areas do you feel you can successfully handle by yourself and what areas do you feel you need to outsource? Please share in the comment section below.

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Cost Of Self Publishing - How Much Will It Cost To Self Publish?

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