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Do your friends know you write?

by | Jan 27, 2013 | Tips For Writers | 7 comments

When I released my novel The Buzz there were quite a few people who had no idea  I even wrote. Aside from a few close friends and immediate family who’d been there from the beginning, the majority found out about my writing when my book was published.

Some knew I was “creative,” while others didn’t have a clue that I was a freelance writer let alone a published author.

Usually, I’m not one to announce every adventure life takes me on or every goal I’m trying to accomplish so it was not a slight on anyone. From my mindset I was just going after my dreams and goals. I was fulfilling my life purpose and it seemed unnecessary to discuss it until I’d accomplished my ultimate goal of a published novel.

When it was time for people to know I wrote, that’s when I shared it.

Some people found out through the grapevine, while other friends I was able to share with them personally. The reactions were all the same though…

“I didn’t know you were a writer!”

“I’m not surprised! I can’t wait to read your book!”

I was pretty confident based on the supportiveness of my family and friends that I would receive a good response, so my not sharing was not based on the fear of the responses.

Yet nothing could prepare me for the overwhelming and humbling responses I received.

It was these friends and family who raced to read my book from cover to cover and once they finished reading my novel they made sure to have their friends and coworkers support too. They helped to start off the momentum of my word of mouth marketing and its to them I’m most grateful. These were my beta readers and the ones who really gave me perspective on my characters, what chapters resonated with them, and how my writing style was different than others.

For a while I thought it was just me that kept my writing life private until I started talking to other writers and found that many writers choose to keep this part of their lives to themselves. I was visiting a fellow writer’s blog yesterday and read how she came out of the writing closet (her words not mine).

Do your friends and family know you write? What was their reaction when you told them? Or if you haven’t shared your writing, what are the reasons? Please share in the comment section below.

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  1. @RobynStoutLee

    I only tell my family and my closest friends what I'm working on. I feel that some people wouldn't be very supportive or understand the need and time that goes into a WIP. I don't want the negativity or distraction. I'll fess up to all, just not yet.

    • Stefanie

      I've coined a new phrase. "Writing in the closet" LOL!

  2. @spiritualtramp

    Since I've only started to consider myself a "writer" in the last year or so I imagine that there are a few people that still don't know, but I share it with everyone I think to. Since 99% of my stuff is self published people look at me a little weird when I let that nugget drop.

  3. Synithia

    I didn’t start telling people until I finished my first novel and began looking into publishing. Many were surprised and some remembered that I’ve written since high school. Everyone has been supportive. I was more nervous about saying I write romance than saying i’m a writer. No one has had a problem with my genre either.

    Other good point is having people ask about my book motivates me to keep trying.

  4. aspiring author Toya D.

    I myself have been writing since i was in jr high. Writing is my escape, my hatch. People know me as the creative one or the talented vocalist, but im not sure they know just how deep my passion for written word goes.
    I’ve been working on my freshman novel for almost a year now and not many people in my circle know about it. Im forever on blogging site’s and social media raving about my creation but i have trouble divulging this info to those closest to me. Could it be the fact that my writing subject matter is somewhat explicit and dark? Could it be that im afraid of not succeding and don’t want to look at disappointed faces? I don’t know.

  5. candilanded

    I have a close knit of girlfriends that know I write but only a few have actually read my attempts at novels. I need their support and prayers. I struggled accepting my craft as something useful in society. They helped me to say "yes." I have a passion for writing and they know that. I have a dear friend who shares the same passion. She gets me.

    I had one friend tell me how amazed she was that I could write a story; that she couldn't begin to think of how to start one. I immediately thought that was odd. Doesn't everybody know how? Writing is how I communicate with my God and my world around me. For me, "To write is to breathe."

    • Stefanie

      I loved your response! Can't wait to read your writing. Sounds like you know writing is your calling.Sent from my iPhone