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eBooks vs Print Books – Which makes more sense?

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Videos For Writers | 3 comments

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If you are new to publishing you’re probably weighing the option between  eBooks vs print books. There is no right or wrong answer where this is concerned. Your decision should be based on your target audience when weighing a decision between ebooks vs print books. Where possible determine which book version your audience usually purchases. This video will share some things to consider while making a choice.

eBooks vs Print Books – Some Things To Consider

Obviously eBooks are easier and cheaper to publish, whereas there are more costs associated with a print book. With that being said, writers often find eBooks to be a beneficial way to publish because they can get their book out quickly and offer a lower price point for their book, which in turn means they can publish books more frequently. Conversely, there are pros to print books as well. First there is the ability to get your book into bookstores, along with the ability to do book signings and to have books available for speaking engagements. These are just a few things to consider when choosing eBooks vs print books, but again, neither is a right or wrong choice as there is a market for both.

ebooks vs print books

Do you have any additional questions about ebooks vs print books? Which do you prefer ebooks vs print books? Please share in the comment section below.

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ebooks vs print books


  1. marcy goldman

    I always publish in print and ebooks but the price wars on ebook pricing, IF you opt for widest distribution can simply artificially lower the price on the book (as Kindle, Itunes, Google Play et al) duke it out. The winner is the book buyer/reader but unless you have huge volume, cheap ebook pricing can be detrimental to the author/publisher. My advise is do smaller books as ebooks and save big works/content for print with ebook with a decent price point

  2. Kristen Steele

    It depends on your target audience. Do they use eReaders and tablets? Publishing both eBooks and print books means that you won't miss anyone. Print on demand is a good option to ensure you aren't printing more than you sell.

  3. Reatha Lassiter

    Nice post!