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How do I develop plot?

by | May 19, 2013 | Tips For Writers | 4 comments

I say/You say is a feature for writers to share their publishing and writing related questions. I’ll share my tips and advice and my audience will chime in with their advice as well. If you have a question for I say/You say please submit it here.

Here’s this week’s question:

I have about 15 story plots that I could write, but none of them seem to be good enough! I really want to settle on a project and just write, but I feel like none of the plots are complex and clever. I want to be able to write a story where I have some real contrast in characters and an intense story plot. All my plots so far have been sort of light, I guess you could say. I want something with action, strong characters that are different (I’ve found that most of my characters are good except for the antagonist…) and an intense twist. I’m most definitely not asking for a story plot, just some tips on creating something I want to write about!

I say: Real life scenarios are great to use as plot twists. Have you ever been in a situation that could only happen to you? Or what about a dream that left you scratching your head? Or what about those love triangles that only your best friend could be involved in? Use your imagination and bring a real scenario to life, incorporating some of the plot twists you’ve already developed. Remember, it’s not necessary for every sub-plot in your story to be outrageous and over the top. Sometimes as writers we’re searching for that plot that’s going to leave our reader shocked and awed, when what we already have in mind is more than enough. Keep a natural flow and remember readers like stories that are believable. As far as characters, follow the same advice. What type of characteristics do you like or dislike in people? You’ve met people who’ve intrigued you, what were those people like?

You say: What’s your tip for this writer? Leave your comments below.


  1. The Sidebar Review

    If you like the plots you've chosen, pick one or two and come up with ideas that would make them stronger. Map out your concept with all the subplots pointing to it. Then start developing each subplot. Maybe the deeper thought on the gears will make the engine run better!

    • Stefanie

      Great advice!

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    That was a well explained plots. But I don't know if I could do the same.

    • Stefanie

      Sure you can!Sent from my iPhone