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3 Tips For Learning To Write Books Through Distractions

by | Jan 12, 2013 | Write A Book | 6 comments

3 Tips For Learning To Write Books Through Distractions

Whether it’s your kids running through the house playing, your husband asking when dinner will be ready, your wife asking when you’ll be done writing, we’ve all had to deal with writing distractions. This post will share tips on learning to write books through distractions.

For the last week, I’ve been working intensely on the manuscript for my newest book Rules Of The Game. Meanwhile, my teenage son who’s a music producer has been producing tracks for a few recording artists.

I think I’ve already blogged about my creative process and if I haven’t…let me clue you in.

For as long as I can remember I’ve found it very difficult to write when there’s noise. I prefer my surroundings be absolutely quiet when I write. I need to be under-stimulated, while my son’s creativity requires him to be the opposite.

So imagine the last week while my son played the same bass heavy hip-hop track over and over AGAIN. My son’s bedroom is next to my office. But he might as well be sitting in the room with me.

I would hear the same song at different volumes for hours. And he would pace the floor, bobbing his head and peek into my office every now and then to see if my head bobbed too. It usually would.

For me, being distracted hinders my characters. If I’m hearing the same chorus hook over and over again, it becomes ingrained in my mind. So for me, writing in a silence is the best-case scenario.

Part of me wants to scream, “Cut the music down, I’m writing!” And I used to say just that. But he’s creating too and I know it’s hard to pause when your creative juices are flowing. Learning to write books through distractions has become a very important area for me to learn. Here are three tips I’ve discovered for learning to write books through distractions.

3 tips for learning to write books through distractions

1.) Set a clear understanding of what you need in order to write. In the beginning, I had to make sure my son understood how my creative process worked. “Hey listen, I’m writing and this is what I need in order for that to happen.” Be prepared to have this conversation a few times, because as with most kids…

In one ear and out the… *oh you know the rest*

And adults? Well same thing…lol.

facebook_zps82da6abc2.) Be realistic, everyday won’t be perfect. If you get interrupted, don’t let it ruin your day. Others in your home have to get on with their lives too. If a ringing phone or Facebook alert is distracting you, it might be time to cut those things off. And write!

3.) Get a routine. If schedules work better for you, set up your writing time when your kids are at school or your husband/wife is at the office.

Sanction a part of your day as mommy/daddy time. During those times you’re to be left alone to write, unless it’s urgent.

By the end of the week something interesting happened in my home. We fell into a groove! I was able to accommodate his creative zone, and he did mine.

We’re working our way through finding our balance. It’s only been a week, but it will also challenge both of us to learn how to write outside of our perfect elements. That would mean him learning how to produce a song at lower levels and me being able to write when there are distractions.

There may be situations in the future where I’m unable to be at home to write. Learning this skill (although I don’t want to use it often) could be beneficial to have in my arsenal.

How are you learning to write books through distractions? Have you had to write outside of your comfort zone? Please share in the comment section below.

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3 Tips For Learning To Write Books Through Distractions


  1. rycj

    This is very hard to do, though as you proved, not impossible.

    • Stefanie

      Definitely not an ideal situation…

  2. Author PF Austin

    Great stuff! Me personally? I just put on some Dre Beats headphones and zone out. Then I cant hear anything anyone is saying LOL

    • Stefanie

      Well that works too! lol

  3. Helen

    I have had to post a "Do not Disturb" sign on my door, to keep my son- I mean my husband, from barging in. Now he just stands outside the door and tries to talk! But he is slowly learning what 'I need solitude to write' actually means.

    • Stefanie

      That is so funny Helen, thanks for sharing!Sent from my iPad