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Marketing Your Book On Radio – 5 Tips To Be Interview Ready!

by | Aug 4, 2013 | Book Marketing | 4 comments

Marketing Your Book On Radio - 5 Tips To Be Interview Ready!

As a freelance entertainment writer, I’ve gained experience being on the other side of the interview table. I’ve done phone interviews, in person interviews and even graced the red carpet with many popular celebrities.

I’ve in turn used that experience to help me be a good interviewee. I’ve learned what makes an interview engaging and worthy of being shared and talked about.

Are you looking for interview tips that will help you with marketing your book on radio? Well you’ve come to the right place! The tips I’m going to share are simple and will get you great results every time. These tips will help you to spruce up your interview appeal while marketing your book on radio.

Let’s face it, as writers we need book publicity! Here are my top five tips for being interview ready!

5 Tips For Marketing Your Book On Radio


5.) Have a great bio! Your bio provides many of the talking points for your interview. Share interesting tidbits that can carry a conversation. The interviewer uses your bio to formulate questions, so the more interesting your bio the better your interview will be. The better your interview, the more publicity you’ll receive for your book. And remember, if you don’t want to talk about it, don’t put it in your bio!


4.) Send a review copy of your title! With a review copy, the interviewer will be able to have a more in depth conversation about your book and not just ask standard questions. Also providing a cheat sheet of sorts can be useful in the event that the reviewer doesn’t have time to read your book in advance of your interview.


3.) Know your book and your bio! Have a 30 second elevator pitch on what your book is about. Sell your book! This is something that no one can do quite like the author. You are the one who’s passionate about what you’ve written so make sure that comes across. And don’t forget, people want to know about you! What else do you do besides write? Share fun and interesting tidbits, it’s not all about your book!


2.) Say no to one word answers. Unless absolutely necessary, I would beg of you not to answer with a simple yes or no. Be conversational and allow the discussion to flow. If you want to end an interview rather quickly? Be curt.


1.) Be gracious. Let’s face it, as writers we absolutely need the exposure and book publicity. If you enjoyed the interview, let the hosts know at the close of the interview and then later in a follow up email. Who knows they may just have you back on the show!


Have you been interviewed? How was it? What were your challenges? If you haven’t been interviewed, what would you like to know? Please share in the comment section below.

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Marketing Your Book On Radio - 5 Tips To Be Interview Ready!


  1. RYCJ OEBooks

    Great post Stephanie. I love interviews authors and writers, which (5) and (3) are top on my list.
    again, great timely post. it doesn't show on this page, but I had to tweet this one.

    • Stefanie

      Great, thank you so much! I appreciate your support!

  2. RYCJ OEBooks

    I'm sorry Stefanie, I have to add on here…as I was typing breaking a cardinal no-no RULE!

    Number ONE, I wasn't wearing my glasses so not only do I misspell your name, but I can't even read what I wrote and have the nerve to be talking about doing interviews. UGH! Trust me, I don't interview like this… omg (and that's not Oh my God, but oh my goodness!)

    • Stefanie

      LOL. No worries…