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The Magic Of Writing Goals & Why Vision Boards Kicks It Up A Notch!

by | Jan 4, 2014 | Personal Development, Videos For Writers | 10 comments

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Learning the magic of writing goals can be a powerful tool when it includes action. Goals allow you to set small achievable milestones that thrust you toward achieving your dreams.

I could write a long post on the magic of writing goals or I could tell you what writing goals have done for my career.

Nothing about my journey was perfect.

However when I put effort into achieving my goals, doors began to open and people started to help me. This post will explain the magic of writing goals and why making a vision board kicks it up a notch!

the magic of writing goals

The Magic Of Writing Goals – My Story


Once I made the decision to write The Buzz my debut novel, I set short and long term goals.

Initially, it was my intention to get a literary agent and sign to a traditional publisher. But early in the process, I made the decision to publish The Buzz myself and start my own publishing company Write One Publications, Inc.

It was the BEST of both worlds.

I could publish my own books AND help others fulfill their passion.

Obviously, the whole process could have been overwhelming. I was going from author to publisher.

Not to mention completely changing fields…

But the magic of writing goals and baby steps made the process easier to tackle. That made the difference in me doing wall slides on a daily basis or being task driven and intentional.

Goals should be specific and realistic and have a targeted completion date. Tackling goals in steps help you not to be dissuaded. While we’d like for everything to happen without fault, that’s not always the case. You will face challenges.

Goals are more than writing down what you want, they require persistent action and force you to strategize. After all you’re experiencing personal growth.

If you’re absolutely scared out of your mind at this point, then you’re making the right steps. You can ease that feeling by associating with other writers on the same path, or more seasoned writers who have much wisdom to share.

The Magic Of Writing Goals And Networking…


If you know how to successfully network, your network will also help you achieve your goals. Your mentor and anyone you choose to associate yourself with can assist you in the following ways:

– Help you get your book published by acting as your support system.

– Share your book with their audience.

– Warn you of potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

– And much more.


How To Set Goals

The Magic Of Writing Goals & Why Vision Boards Kicks It Up A Notch!Step one. Research. I can’t emphasize this enough because people like to make this a future step. Do the research FIRST and set realistic goals based on what you’ve learned through research. If you want to benefit from the magic of writing goals don’t rely on someone to relay this information to you. Read it for yourself so that you completely understand what you are embarking upon.

Head over to…

Library of Congress and read up on copyright laws.

Amazon has a ton of books for writers! You need to understand the publishing business and how to market and brand yourself.

Network with other writers, avid readers, publishers, and literary agents.

And lastly, be sure to read my series on self vs traditional publishing. Above all else…

Never stop setting goals.

The Magic Of Writing Goals & Why Vision Boards Kicks It Up A Notch!If you want to kick your writing goals up a notch, create a vision board. Being able to see what you are trying to accomplish is like super-sizing your dreams.

Become familiar with what it would feel like to achieve your goals. Visualize how your life would change and then express that in the photos you include on your vision board.

How would you feel if you published your book tomorrow? Go and find that feeling represented in pictures and words and add it to your vision board.

What is it that you want to achieve in the next six months? Is it to get your manuscript finished? To find a literary agent? To find a publisher? If you understand the magic of writing goals, please share how you plan to accomplish them in the comment section below.

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The Magic Of Writing Goals & Why Vision Boards Kicks It Up A Notch!


  1. paula

    Great advice. Thank you.

  2. Stefanie

    Thanks Paula!

  3. Stefanie

    Thanks for sharing Theo. Writing everyday…that's pretty impressive!

  4. Theo

    My first goal when I started writing was to write everyday! This meant writing very late at night sometimes, or at the break of dawn,even when I didn't feel like it. Writing requires a lot of focus.

  5. Cj

    Hi Stephanie,

    Stopping by from MBC. Great words! My goal is to finally write my memoirs about a particular time in my life! I started today. Thanks

  6. Cj

    Sorry Stefanie, spelled your name wrong! LOL.

  7. Stefanie

    It's okay 😉 I'm so glad to hear you started your memoir. Let me know how it comes along.

  8. les da' prez

    Peace Stefanie… Very enlightening. I thank you…

    • Stefanie

      Thank you for reading!

  9. Nikki Walker

    Great article!