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5 Tips For Writing A Novel When You’re A Beginner!

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Writing Tips | 1 comment

5 Tips For Writing A Novel When You're A Beginner!

Many people want to write a novel, but they end up giving up due to not knowing how to progress their story. Writing a novel requires you to be creative and have a rich vocabulary, but you still have to create interesting characters and an intriguing plot in order to make it successful. If you intend to write a novel, but you aren’t knowledgeable about this, follow the tips for writing a novel below to get more inspiration pertaining to this process.

Tips For Writing A Novel

Write a story you would be interested in reading

Before deciding on the characters, you should begin with the story. The best way to figure out what story to write is thinking about what you would be interested in reading. Think about the books you love; and what makes them particularly intriguing. Make a list with those things that make your heart pump and you will know what to write about right away.

Create Your Character

Creating a character does not revolve around describing just eyes and hair color, height or weight. To make your novel more exciting, you should assign flaws to your character and take the story in surprising and unexpected directions. If your character does not surprise you, she will not surprise your readers either, particularly if we talk about people who have read similar books before. Ask your character to tell you her secrets, and then define her personality with more intriguing facts.

Give Your Character a Compelling Problem

Your plot has to be very exciting for your readers, which is why you should find a compelling problem to give to your character. Readers are able to relate to your characters when they are not one dimensional and perfect. If they are dealing with a compelling problem that makes them human, your readers will be more likely to be engulfed in the story. This gives your reader the ability to be compassionate or judgmental, depending on their viewpoint.

Make Everything Believable

To make your novel successful, you have to make both the plot and the characters believable. There is some creative license given to fantasy and sci-fi obviously, but if you are writing a traditional piece of fiction, having characters jump from one rooftop to another, may not resonate with your audience.

Ignore the Rules

While rules should totally be respected, don’t allow rules to inhibit your story. If following the conventions doesn’t work for your particular story, try to be creative and write exactly as you wish. The only thing you should be entirely focused on is writing – you will get better with time, and your novels will become very popular because you stayed true to your voice.

What tips for writing a novel will you incorporate in your story? Please share in the comment section below.

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5 Tips For Writing A Novel When You're A Beginner!

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