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The Life Of A Writer – Top ten things you should know about me as a writer

by | Mar 19, 2010 | Tips For Writers | 15 comments


Here’s the top ten things you should know about me as a writer. In no particular order.

1. I love the television show Good Times. I don’t know why. Or what makes me watch it every single time it comes on. But I laugh like I’ve never seen it before. And before long I’m telling people what happened on Good Times, like this is Season 1 or something. Eh…don’t judge. lol

2. I’ve become…dare I say, quiet. My personality was so larger than life when I was younger. If I was in a room, you knew it! But as I’ve gotten older, that’s less the case. I went out with a new friend for the first time some years back and he was like what’s wrong Stefanie? <insert concerned face here> That was so hilarious to me. I then had to spend the next few minutes convincing him that I was indeed having a good time.

3. I heart Simply Lemonade. What in the world is in that stuff? Should I really feel like I’m having a special treat and I’m drinking juice? I swear I hear the birds chirping when I drink the raspberry lemonade.

4. I am silly. I mean slap my knee, fall on the ground SILLY. I like to laugh. There was one year, I’m quite sure I watched Chris Rock’s standup every Friday for months.

5. I’ve read MANY books that changed my life.

6. I’ve really started to enjoy bike riding. It’s so peaceful and serene. I notice so many things I’d never notice driving in a car.

7. I love Thai food. A friend introduced me to pad thai noodles many years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.

8. I never want to stop learning so I read a lot of business books. Right now I’m reading:

Lovemarks – a book about branding.

Die Broke – a book about a radical four part financial plan

9. I am a shoe addict. Love them. Love them. Love them. Did I say love them? I’ve been rolling with Zappos.com since early 2000. And now I’m VIP. Take that, take that *in my Diddy voice*

10. I like going to open houses in the summer. You can get some of the BEST decorating ideas from model homes. I like to go to the ones in the suburbs because the houses are so big and have so many cool features. Plus, sometimes its great to get out of your regular environment and DREAM a little. *wink* *wink*

Well that’s TEN RANDOM things about me. Share some quirky things about you below. I’d love to read.


  1. Sujatha Hampton

    Nice ten things: Here are mine:1. I can no longer name my favorite book.2. I can not work while listening to music. I can't even think while listening to music.3. I hate Korean food.4. I love the smell of bergamot.5. I am addicted to Bikram Yoga.6. I love apples, oranges, strawberries and grapefruit. I hate melon, canteloupe, and mango.7. I am the only Indian in the world who hates mango.8. I am a novelist and my first novel, As It Was Written, released last month. It's about Dr. Raman Nair and his five fat daughters and the ancient Brahmin curse that followed them from India to the states.9. I am left handed.10.I am so attracted to the color blue, that I can feel my whole body react when I see it.

  2. Stefanie

    Thanks Sujatha for your comment. #1 is sooo true. As an avid reader it really does get harder and harder to name your favorite book. And by the way I love mango 😉

  3. Stefanie

    Thanks Sujatha for your comment. #1 is sooo true. As an avid reader it really does get harder and harder to name your favorite book. And by the way I love mango 😉

  4. Parenting ad absurdum

    I'm with you on 4, 5, and 7! More random things – um… I'm very low maintenance expect that I'm obsessed with my hair; I used to read only highly “literary” novels, but now that I'm a little older I devour mysteries and chick lit; I love cooking and dining, but honestly my favorite food is take-out pizza.

    Love your blog!

    Peryl (From MBC)

  5. writeonepub

    Hi Peryl –

    Thanks for stopping by. Would you believe I've never read a mystery? Who would you recommend?

  6. Stefanie


    Thanks Sujatha. I'll add those to my list. My sister loves mysteries.

  7. Stefanie

    Sujatha –

    I love your book cover! Congrats!

  8. Sujatha

    @Stephanie, Can I give a recommendation for a mystery that is also a lit fic? Well, I have two: Theft by Peter Carey and The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon. @ Peryl, were you down with Stephanie's 4,5 and 7 or my 4,5 and 7. I am thinking Stephanie's because my 7 was about being the only Indian in the world who hates mango. haha. Just teasing.

  9. wendysnodgrass

    Great list!

    I actually have a library of business books and writing books too – and I literally “enjoy” writing business plans.

    Chris Rock – he once showed up at a small comedy club in NYC without being on the schedule. I was visiting for just one night and the date I was on was starting to get awkward. Anyway, I couldn't believe he showed up and it was one of the funniest nights of my entire life. Oh and I should add this because it really was classic – there was a girl and yes, she was beautiful with a great body, but she made herself obvious to him, flirting obnoxiously and he not only ignored her most of the time, but he also made a comment to her for being rude. I thought it was great because 1. he's married, I think. and 2. She learned that disrupting his show isn't okay just because she's good looking.

    Well I need a lunch break so I'll sign off and leave you with those two little tid-bit stories 🙂

    You sound like a great gal,

    Wendy from Book Blogs

  10. Stefanie

    Hi Wendy – What a great story! Thanks for sharing. Yes, he's married.

    But we must talk more about these business plans you enjoy writing. I'm heading over to your blog first…

  11. LaKesha Womack

    Great list and I love your blog… I can give you 5 about me…
    ~I have pretty shy when I first meet people but once you get to know me…
    ~I never intended to write a book or start a blog but now I can't stop writing
    ~Becoming a mommy was the best decision I ever made
    ~I am super cheap
    ~I could eat a cheeseburger every day, it doesn't matter if it costs $20 or $1, I just love beef and cheese on a bun

  12. mlkabik

    I'm glad I came across your blog, there is so much information to soak up. I've recently started really getting into the self-marketing, self promotion aspect of operating as a writer, and I think your blog is going to provide good insight; thanks for that.

    (also, 1,4 and 9 on your list apply to me as well).

    • Stefanie

      Well I'm glad to have you here. Make sure you use the LinkWithin function on the blog, it will link you to related blog posts.

  13. Miriam Pia

    1) I comment on articles from years ago or weeks ago.
    2) I now think of old books I read in college as "old forum posts"
    3) Even though I'm now a woman in early Middle Age, I still sometimes buy children's toys – probably something I would have wanted as a little girl but it hadn't been invented or we were poor or I was afraid my Mom would tell me No.
    4) I am also SILLY – a 5 year old told me so when I was her Nanny, before I became a Mother.
    5) I had no idea you liked Thai food. [lol, duh, no kidding]
    6) Its there, but its so private I can't even tell you….in fact, so are 7 – 10.
    Thanks for warm invitation to participate/interact with you.