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Websites That Sell Books By Self Published Authors

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Sell Books | 1 comment

Websites That Sell Books By Self Published Authors

No matter where you are in the process of putting a book together, it is never too early to think about how to sell your book. Knowing where you will sell your book will start you off in the right direction.  This list isn’t exhaustive but will give you a few online vendors that will sell your self published book. Some of these websites that sell books are big retailers while others are lesser known but great for indie authors. Check out some of the top websites that sell books by self published authors.

Websites That Sell Books

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is long respected and known for their wide book selection. Selling your book through this popular retailer will give your book good exposure. Please note that their submission guidelines are for their online site and not to have your book in actual stores.

Barnes & Noble Author Guidelines


What can I say about Amazon? They are the most widely known online book retailer and likely the first stop for avid readers. They are not only a source for books but also merchandise too. Amazon offers assistance to authors through three different venues.

 – Kindle Direct Publishing is great for those of you who have made the decision to publish eBooks exclusively for Kindle or for those who’d like to have eBooks as an alternate option to print books. As of recently, they will also allow you to publish your paperbacks as well.

 – ACX is another great option offered through Amazon that allows your book to be turned into an audio book. Your audiobook would then be sold through Audible.com, Amazon.com and iTunes. Pretty cool right?


Founded in 2005 by a fellow author, Eileen Gittins created Blurb. Not only is this online book retailer a great place to sell, but also, the website is designed to help guide you in the book making process. This retailer is good for those of you that have a photo book, cookbook, travel book, or children’s book.



While Kobo exclusively sells eBook versions, this is a great place to sell your book online. Offering your book in eBook formatting is almost inevitable. With the growing number of tablets and eReaders on the market, staying current with consumer needs is very important. Kobo allows some of the most popular formatting choices such as EPUB and PDF.



Lulu has the tools necessary to help you create a book and sell it. The books formatted through this site will look professional and have good quality features. You can also hire a professional through Lulu to help you with the process of formatting and selling.


I hope this lists gives you an idea of where to get started with selling your book. Do you know of any other websites that sell books by self published authors? Please share in the comment section below.

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