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What Is A Book Review – Why Book Reviews Are Important For Authors!

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Book Promotion | 3 comments

What is a book review?

What is a book review?

A book review is an opinion, summary, or scholarly review of an author’s literary work. Books are reviewed for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites or even just for family and friends. If you’re a writer and wondering the best way to get your book in front of a group of avid readers, book reviews are the way to go!

What is a book review to an author? Book reviews are considered publicity for a writer. It links a writer directly to an audience of avid book readers who are passionate about literature and eager to spread news of a good book.

Developing relationships with book clubs, review blogs and the like will give you access to groups of people that support your writing. This isn’t you talking about your own book. These are avid book readers eager to tell their audience how great your book is. Book reviewers are also great beta readers. Instead of running to a friend with plot ideas, try a book reviewer instead.

Book reviews span all genres, so do your research and find a reviewer best suited for your book. Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

– Genres reviewed.
– Number of days it takes to review.
– Number of book copies requested. Do they accept electronic versions?
– Determine whether they accept self-published books (not all do).
– Determine whether they post reviews to their own website, social media, and Amazon.
– Determine whether they require your book be available through a certain site (i.e., Amazon.)
– Determine whether they require your book to be professionally edited.
– Determine how many reviews your book will need.

Once you know exactly what the reviewer you choose requires, remember that first impressions are key. Present yourself and your book as if you were presenting it directly to your audience. In your package include promotional items like: business cards, bookmarks and flyers. And don’t forget your biography and a press release!

Remember, it’s not unusual to feel anxious while waiting for your review, but allow your reviewer the allotted time they’ve requested. This ensures your book gets the proper attention it deserves. Once reviewed, be gracious and thank them for reviewing your book.

Please note: When you submit your book for review you are requesting an honest review. All reviews won’t be five star reviews. A book reviewer’s obligation is to the reader and not the author. So be practical in your thinking; not everyone will love your book.

However, positive book reviews can:

– Increase sales.
– Increase visibility.
– Grow your newsletter.
– Create increased engagement on social media.
– And so much more!


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