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What made you become a writer?

by | Nov 4, 2010 | Tips For Writers | 5 comments

This post is a follow up to a really good discussion we had on yesterday – Are you scared to call yourself a writer? If you missed that post, make sure you read it and leave your opinion on when you should call yourself a writer.

On the flip side, I’m interested in knowing when you made the decision to become a writer.

I’ve talked about this before on the blog so I’ll make my story brief. If you want to read the longer version, you can click here.

While I loved writing and have written since a very young age, I never had any intention on becoming a writer. I guess I’m what you’d call an accidental writer, in that I’ve always written, always considered myself a writer, however I never set out for this to be my full time professional career. I always considered writing a hobby, although over the years I wrote professionally for a magazine and even placed a published song with a recording artist.

While freelancing for the magazine, I got the idea for my debut novel The Buzz. My inspiration was so strong for the characters, I knew it was a book I had to not only write but also publish. Due to a series of events that happened in my professional finance career, I made the decision to pursue entrepreneurship another dream I’d had for years. After looking at publishing options for The Buzz, I made the decision to not only self-publish but to also form a publishing company. Before I knew it, writing went from being a part time passion to my full time career.

That’s my shortened story! Please share in the comment section when you caught the writing bug. I’d love to hear your story.


  1. rycj

    All of my life, ever since I've known myself…told to my father when I was about four or so. The reason it has taken as long…he (my father told me I needed experiences – to tell)…and so now …
    o-me–o-my the work is just gushing out!!!

    • Stefanie

      Thats so true. Its so much easier to write with life experience. I tried to write a book in my early twenties and had no clue what to write about…lol. Your dad was spot on!

    • Raden

      I was really riveeled when I clicked on this post and it wasn’t a list of unsuccessful tips for how to overcome writer’s block #14: keep a dream journal, #74: curl up next to the fire that always ends with #145: Just get out there and write, buackroo!So really, thanks! -Dan

      • Stefanie

        Thanks for stopping by!Sent from my iPhone

  2. @RobynStoutLee

    I've been writing poetry and short stories since I was a kid. It was always in me. For years now, I felt that I had a story to tell. A really good story. And with the encouragement of family and friends, I dove into it. I've received manuscript requests and I've already started working on the next one!